08 May 2010


our furriend, mr. gary, has furry kindly brought yet anofur example of the boldness of *shudder* vishus deers!! watch this video if you dare!! where will it all end???

06 May 2010

i am so humiliated!!

last night, i got brave an' meowed to come outta my suite an' sit on My Mama's lap. after i got comfy, she started feelin' me all ofur, not like pettin's. then she grabbed my tail an' hoisted my bottom up inna air, an' i just hadda tell her how i felt about that. she pologised an' said that somethin' was rotten in denmark (what's a denmark?) an' there was a stench fouler than lord vader's (who's he an' why does he stink????) inn air.

i was mortified to learn that she thought i had pooped on my skirt!!!! i would NEVER do that, NEVER. how undignified!!! anyway, she din't find nuthin' an' i woulda told her that if she'da just asked.

anyway, then daddy confessed he'd found the dbd rollin' in the remains of a dead snake out inna yard next to our house. My Mama made her go lay inna hallway, far away frum our chair, an' then iggy cozied up to the dbd an' sniffed an' licked her an' just acted generally sickenin'. but that's a boycat fur you. interested in anything disgusting!!

even though the dbd is pretty nice as dawgs go, an' she is allus nice to me, i can't imagine why she would wanna do that. an' My Mama an' Daddy din't let the dbd sleep inna room wif them last night, either. served her right; ugh.

04 May 2010

yes, we WILL blog again . . .

but mom's furry busy catchin' up at her dayhunting place, an' inna evenings she's tryin' ta get her pictures frum the trip lined up to post. so one of these days . . . ve'll be bach!