23 June 2007

more saturday . . . STILL nuffin'

ed's been on the DKM snuggle we winned for guessing san antonio in a "where in the world is DKM" contest a while back. it had acshul stalks of catnip rolled up in it, an' you know ed an' nip!
he hasn't moved off it for almost a week except to eat, drink, or go pee. when his sweetie, midnight teleported ofurr to visit, they dragged it into the laundry room an' put it onna fresh, hot laundry inna basket to cuddle in. boy, he knows howta treat his woman-cat right!

an' mom hadda good time last evening wif her friend, miss ginger. *smirkety-smirk-smirk!* in this picture, they'd already made away wif the mead, an' were tryin' to soak it up wif pizza!

REALLY slow saturday

just hangin' around, waitin' for somethin' to happen!

21 June 2007

13 things mom does that we wanna do

  1. go outside inna grass whenefur she wants to
  2. open the frijamerator door
  3. eat onions an' garlic an' chocolate (she eats lots of 'em, so they must be good!)
  4. go to a doctorbean who DOESN'T stick a thermometer you-know-where
  5. sleep inna big soft bed inna nap pile wif dad
  6. play wif little pieces of glass or metals wif holes in 'em--she squirts us if we hockey 'em around, but we can't resist! they roll so good!
  7. play wif little pieces of colorful squooshy stuff like almost dry mud--she hollers, "dammit, don't eat that clay!!!!"--what!?! we was just tastin'.
  8. type fast--it's that opposable thumb thing
  9. send the woofies outside whenefur she wants to
  10. make the woofies go. lay. DOWN.
  11. make the cool blowers blow cooler when it's hot weather
  12. pop the top on the treats bucket--again with the opposable thumb thing
  13. sleep sitting up. oh, wait. we taught her that one . . . ummmmmmm, oh yeah: use toilet paper