27 September 2012

nope, nowhere in sight

no, ma'am, mommer. i don't see ennycat who mighta done that. nope. yup, 3:45 ayem inna mornin' is pretty early fur somecat to be riotin'. you'd think they'd all be asleep. me? why am i not asleep? ummmmm, igmu was kickin' me ... yeah, that's the ticket--he was kickin' me. then there was this loud noise, an' i come out here to see what it was, an' then you putted onna light. yeah, that's how it happened, all right! mommer? why's there steem comin' outta yer ears? mommer? dear, sweet mommer o'mine? ::sneaking slowly backward out of arm's range::  mommy?

26 September 2012

except fur mommer's lap ...

this is the best seat inna house. it's a nicely padded mat snuggled up to the warms blowin' outta the back of the computer when it's fired up. since she won't let us sit onna keyboard (somethin' about ham-footed, lard-@$$ed beasts ... we don't unnerstand that a-tall--we are beasts of the feline, not the porcine persuasion), this is the next best spot. an' it's easy to peek around the edge of the screen to be sure she's not goin' too far astray in her transcribin'! some pawrents haff been knowed to ofur-eggsaggerate their fuzzy offspring's aventures, but we keeps a close rein on mommer's lyin' ... errrr ... poor typin' tendencies. efurrything you read in OUR bloggie is the truth! we might "let on" a little here an' there, like tom sawyer, but outright lie? nefur. efur.

fur example: mommer just paid me a compliment--she sez i haf a bright career ahead of me as a politician!! an' she swears that's the truth. see?

24 September 2012

mencat sunday on monday

well, autumn has come to the ozarks, where we liff. that means it gets colder. so our easy like sunday pictures are gonna look more like this, more often. we are acitied acause the windows kin be open durin' the day, an' we can see bird tv an' squirrel tv with sound AND smell-o-vision! an' mommer is acited acause the bedroom window kin be open durin' the night, an' she kin put anofur cover onna bed an' cuddle up warm like a bug inna rug. daddy is NOT so acited, acause mommer would sleep wif the window open if it were snowin', an' iffen it gets down inta the 40 degrees area, he hasta wear a stockin' hat to bed onna counta he ain't got ... well, let's put it this way: all he needs is a cat tongue to comb his hairs. they ain't many, an' he keeps 'em teeny-weenie short!

xing got to come out later inna afternoon, when it gotted warmer an' we went t'sleep inna kitchen window where there's a massive sun puddle. xing slept on mommer for a good coupla hours, an' she hafs a heated cat-cup bed inner suite, so she is pretty comfy an' don't hafta get contaminated wif boycat cooties;-)