26 December 2014




25 December 2014

May your stockings and bellies be full, your naps be long, and your snuggles be cozy!

Merry Catsmas!

24 December 2014

dammit is no fool; he's hunkered down in front of the only heat/a.c. vent in the kitchen. mommer sez it sure is nice to wash dishes with warm/frosty toes, depending on the season. 

alla us at chez pierce wishes you the furry bestest catsmas efur, wif lotsa toys an' nip an' treats an' sparklies an' furbidden foods (but just a taste), an' the mostest, bestest love an' skritches. we sends you bonks an' friendliest purrs!!

23 December 2014

O. M. C.!!

we is absolutely gob-smacked! there is dawgs bigger than we efur dreamed of! mommer saw these big puppies downtown one night, an' they is so big, they was pullin' a wagon fulla hoomins! you wouldn't catch a pair of cats -- not even lions -- pullin' no wagon, let alone one fulla hoomins!

there were jingly bells on 'em like there are in somma our toys an' onna wreath onna front door, an' alla hoomins was haffin' a good time, so we guesses maybe the puppies was doin' them a faver fur the winter season, whatefur it is they sellybrate. izzer a "dawgsmas"?

22 December 2014

lonesome dove

we feels sorry fur this poor feller (or gal). all alone, not even no ofur doves onna ground. not no cardynuls, no sparrers, no blue jays. doves is fun to watch acause they make so much fluttery flapping, an' there's usually a raft of them around. sometimes there are 10 pairs on our deck, an' the dbd gets real lathered up tryin' to get outta the door befur they all take to the air. we dunno what she thinks she'd do wif one if she gotted it. it'd prolly peck her onna nose an' she'd go cryin' back to mommer.