05 October 2009

mancat meets mustard on monday!!

mom set out some honey-mustard dip inna li'l cup stoled liberated frum a restorant for her chicken nuggets, an' the nuggets weren't cookin' fast enuf fur iggy. so here's the result of what happened when her back was turned:even as he felt her paw wrapping around his scruff, he dove still deeper into the little cup as if to get as much sauce as possible before being hauled away. an' once she'd grabbed him, did she ask dad to hurry up an' get a wet cloth to wipe his poor little face off? oh, hell no. she yelled, "QUICK!!! GET THE CAMERA!!!" they was laffin'!!! we tells ya, a cat can't get no respect around here.

after the delayed wiping off, he sat on the table an' kept on lickin' an' lickin' his chops, an' they laffed at that, too. then, like the big, dopey bean she is, she left the li'l cup right where it was, an' went off to post this barrassing picture. strangely, igmu din't touch it. just kept lickin' his chops. an' lickin'.

mom sez that was hot sweet mustard sauce an' flames oughta be shootin' outta iggy's butt any time now. we'll keep you posted. or not. you may not WANNA know.

04 October 2009

snug as . . .

three bugs in a rug!
it's furry cold here (inna 40s ofurnight annit STAYS that way inna house!!!! ::mom: no, it's a reasonable 65 right now in the living room::) an' dad won't make a fire inna big metal warming box. we bets he's cold too, acause he's wearin' flannel pants an' long sleeves, an' is cuddlin' inna reclining chair wif a fluffy blankie.

he sez it's acause we doesn't haff much wood inna woodpile, an he ain't wastin' it on somecats who wear fur coats ennyway!! we fink he should get offa his duff an' go get some. we doesn't care if he had eye sirjury, he's got them funny goggles to keep the dust outta his eyes. he sez right now his job is to go back to day hunting an' bring home the bacon, but as much as we likes bacon, we'd settle fur a load of wood!!