02 December 2006

edmund answers the challenge!

My Midnight

My ladylove’s got fuzzy toes,
A sweet brown ruff, a cold black nose,
Pellucid eyes that shine so bright
They fill her little face with light!

Lustrous black, her fur does lie
In plushy waves an’ makes me sigh!
Ebon whiskers frame her face—
They tickle me when we embrace.

She for whom I write this ditty
Is my own Midnight, beloved kitty--
First best cuddle and my sweeting,
More dear to me than even eating!

an' if'n you don't know what challenge i'm talking about, go to my sweetheart's bloggie here
an' find out--and make one!! this is a fun way to help our kittyfurrends and their beans who need a little extra just now! and check out skeezie's blog, too--he has another contest, and will donate $$ to our friends based on how many of us enter the contest. he's a PRINCE!!

01 December 2006

winter wonderland

just a coating of ice pellets - no snow in this picture (thursday afternoon).

today the trees are all wearing crystal crowns (right)

mom got to work ok this morning, and she's peevish, 'cause we only got 3" of snow. she just wanted to see lotsa snow again (like the 6"-12" they predicted), but would have gone to work (she's got common sense, a jeep with 4-wheel drive, and most of the idiot drivers would be too chicken to go out). dad wanted it 'cause he could close his store and stay home, but no such luck. she took these pictures from our car port at lunchtime (1:30), and will try to get some more on the way back to work.

30 November 2006

baby, it's COLD outside!!

well, the wevver inna ozarks has finally started to be like winter. on wednesday, it was 72 degrees. today, it's 27 and sleeting. mom took this picture when she came home from work--she went there, and darn if they din't send her home! a big can on top of a wooden pole went KA-BOOM! and then there was no 'lectric, so they couldn't see nuthin' or run the machines. this has happened all ofur the city!!

in one place, there was efen a tree ON FIRE 'cause one of them cans 'sploded right next to it and lit it off! an' we hears sireens alla time. mom saw polices efurrywhere because lotsa branches and efen whole trees had fell inna streets and the beans' machines couldn't get past 'em. it's a m-e-s-s!! but the good thing is, we has an extra snuggle-by-the-woodstove day wif our mom!

the joke's on dad!

mom & dad are allus urging cocoa (the d*g) to "git them squirrels"!!! to motivate her to chase 'em away from stripping dad's poor struggling pecan tree in the back yard. they've never gotten a ripe pecan from it although it bears efurry year. the darn tree ratties get 'em.

well, cocoa chases 'em dutifully, and finally got one. when dad came home tonight, mom was holding something behind her back, and told dad "cocoa got a squirrel!!!" at first he was all proud, but then kinda disbelieving, 'cause he din't think mom would be holding a dead squirrel in the living room (sez mom: too right!). when she presented him with it, this is what he saw:

unfortunately, the only pecans it has efur menaced were in a pie; it's the plywood cutout that grandad made for mom to use to pull out hot oven racks. apparently it had been taunting cocoa from the safety of the counter, and let its tail hang just a little too conveniently low. *sigh*

29 November 2006

WHO's taking ofur the world????

we found this on little catzee's bloggie:

There's a guy who wants to study bloggies an he's askin fur help. Does all the kitty cat bloggers wants ta help? All ya gotta do is links here, and pings Technorati. Wanna help?

there is lotsa knitters posting there who thinks maybe now is when they find out they is taking ofur the world--we can show 'em different!! c'mon, kitties!!! PING!

xing lu politely offers to . . .

rip ed's face off, after he pushed his way onto mom's lap! no love lost between these two, although she's getting a little better at tolerating nitro.

27 November 2006

AHA! Caught in the act!!

the evidence:

is it ed? looks like he's washing up after a meal . . .

is it nitro? he's inspecting that hole pretty closely!

AHA! caught red-pawed!!

26 November 2006

Ed sez: Here is my sweetheart!

Miss Midnight, the most beautyful girlkitty in the blogosphere, is my sweetie! Hello, my darlin' adorable girl! Isn't she gorgeous?!

(Eric & Flynn were the clever fellows who guessed right first on this bloggie.)