25 July 2012

there are many mancats in the world,

but this one is MINE!
(the above statement does not reflect the view of nitro s pierce)

24 July 2012

detante tuesday

full house--My Mama couldn't turn her camera fast enough to get a picture of iggy onner legs an' nitro onner lap. they spooked off when they heard the "click". see? we CAN get along, if most of us are sleepin'! ;-)

23 July 2012

the vishus deer apocalips is nigh!!!!


we haf come inta possession of secret pictures from a vishus deer training camp, taken at great personal cattonal risk to the photographer. what you will see here is so terrorfyin', we don't recommend lookin' unless you are furry stouthearted an' not given to whim-whams or haffin' the vapors! kittens shud NOT, repeat NOT view these pictures.

although we know that lately vishus deer sitin's haf been fewer, we feels this may be acause they have gone unnerground to excape the hots. also, that's a really good way to hide from sight.

continue if you dare ...click above!