15 October 2008

since nels was a whitester

cap'n nels came home yesterday. here he is in his favorite chair.
his hairs are still all ofur it. we miss him.

14 October 2008

tunnel tuesday

mom gots us this nifty tunnel from the wallyworld place on sunday!! i purred on her specially loud when she sat down after we had splored it throroughly. it's all crackly, an' my booty fits just FINE, thank-you-very-much, ol' mean wise-crackin' daddy. mom put some kittycrack inna hole inna middle, an' nitro an' i both dived for it. I WON!!! he hadda wait until i was through burninatin' holes in him wif my lasers an' then rollin' inna nip. then i let him have the leftovers. xing just laid inna chair an' slept. stoopid girlcat.