23 May 2009


mom sez m.l. is like one of them ladies what carries buildings on their heads. she adds grace an' beauty to our lifes by her help an' good cheer to us blogosphere denizens. but inna world outside our happy bloggies, she supports her fambly of beans an' kitties while livin' with physical an' other trubbles (headaches, for one--no surprise there for a building-holder-upper). an' on toppa that, sometimes the world trembles around her an' makes it hard to keep her footing.

but she keeps her back straight an' holds up her head like a champ--an' even takes on more weight above her to keep on helpin' beans an' kitties. she has tooken on responsibilities that lotsa beans woulda run screamin' from, but she bears 'em an' does 'em because love bears her up an' gifs her the strength to do them. an' because it's the right thing to do--she's just that kinda bean. we are blest to know her.

we thinks she is a most special lady an' acknowledges her wif an award of our own:

NOTE: this is the first time it is awarded, but we hopes it won't be the last. there are other special beans out there, an' when a really, really special one needs a really, really special award, we hopes you will swipe this graphic an' customize it (or ask mom, she'll do it fur you if yer not up to it). an' if it's a he-bean like NTM, we'll make a "golden telemon" to go wif the caryatid.

19 May 2009


HAPPIEST PURRTHDAY TO OUR DEAR AUNTIE DEB!!We wishes you a year fulla love, happiness, health, an' kitties!!