01 November 2008

Una Ofrenda Virtual

. . . hecho para nuestro queridito nels. (a day of the dead virtual altar and offerings . . . made for our most beloved nelson.) mom finks that the mexican view of the dead returning is a much more healthy one than that of the judaeo-christian ethos with which she was raised (where usually it's a bad thing when the dead return!). you kin look here and here to find out more about this holiday if youse is unfamiliar wif it. she has decided to be happy and welcoming while remembering all those who have gone before us this year, instead of sad an' blue. we see them all, all the time, but we guesses this is a big thing for beans, who are not so "tuned in" to other frequencies.

31 October 2008

happy halloween to all our furriends

(biggify for full effect)
may all your trick-or-treat bags
be filled with catnip!