20 November 2007

tabby tummy tuesday

LOOK! ed has saddlebags . . . but no saddle;-)

. . . or is it an edslide????

19 November 2007

mancat monday - edmund

ed snoopervises . . . uh, helps . . . while mom sends a get well card!
he is our quality control officer for posting, 'cause he spells better'n most of us.

18 November 2007

thank you, one and all!

thank each an' efurry bean an' kitty for leavin' kind comments an' condolences on our post about cousin bradley. they sure made us an' mom feel better. an' we're sure his mom an' dad an' fambly (specially his gramma bean an' auntie colie) feel better knowing that youse guys are understanding and supportive. that's THE furry best thing about bein' with youse in the kitty blogosphere!