24 June 2010

revenge ain't so tasty when it's cold, an' you're the one who hasta eat it.

we is a little crabbilated. remember when we conned mom outta a second breakfast last weekend? well, daddy peached on us eventually, an' mom got her revenge yesterday morning.

daddy usually feeds us at 4:30 or 5:00 ayem inna morning, but he has gone to a three-day meeting in new hammmmmmshire an' mom din't get up until her regular time (6:45) to feed us!!! our tummies thought our throats had been cut!!

22 June 2010

21 June 2010


*giggle* *snork* we scored bigtime yesterday! no, we ain't' playin' soccer/football. we's playin' clever buggers, which is a game we allus does well at.

daddy gotted up at 5:00 ayem inna mornin' to let the dbd outside for potty, an' he fed us.

mom got up at 5:20 ayem inna mornin' to go to the bean litterbox. daddy din't move when she got up, so she tippy-toed around so she woodn't wake him. of course, we ranned meowin' to her wif our saddest faces, an' sure enuf, when she came outta the little room, she fed us. ahahahahahaha! we din't tell her, an' don't you tell, neifur!!!