10 April 2008

thank you thursday

this thankful thursday, we wants ta thank alla you who, wif your sweet words, heartfelt purrrayers, kind thoughts, an' loving purrs, comforted us earlier this week when xena left us. we is still awful sad, but the warmth of your reaching out to us has helped more than we can say. you is the one, the only kitty blogosphere, an' we wouldn't wanna be wifout you! whiskery kisses an' warm snuggles to you, each an' efurry one!!

nels, ed, nitro, an' xingxing . . . an' cocoa, mom, & dad

09 April 2008

widebody wednesday

it looks like ed's been modeling an' not tellin' us!
mom found this on her calendar at work!!

08 April 2008

tearful tuesday

our sweet, quiet, woofie sisfur, miss xena velvet-ears, went to the bridge yesterday.

she was nefur mean to any of us, nefur chased or barked at us. she liked it when we'd sleek up against her, an' would gif us little licks. she just watched an' lissened to efurrything, an' nefur need anyone to tell her when it was treat time--she just showed up an' waited quietly at dad's chair. she was our favorite woofie.

her kid-mes had been failing for a while, an' she hadn't been eatin' or drinkin' or nuthin'- not even waggin' her tail - inna last week. so mom an' dad splained that even though she had had a wonderful, active, happy life wif us, now she was goin' to her true, best home to be wif her doggie-daddy thor an' momma sugarbritches, an' all her little brofurs an' sisfurs who left when they was little. an' maybe a surprise appearance by some ofur brofurs an' sisfurs who growed up, like her; we dunno. but we know that her hips an' back don't hurt no more, an' there'll be steaks, cool water, an' treats efurry day, an' she will chase her daddy around again, nippin' at his big ol' floppy flews. an' he won't mind at all, this time.

mom sez this sadness is pain we take on ourselfs gladly because it means xena is now wifout pain, an' so we bear it on that account, but oh! we miss her drefful already.

A Bridge Called Love
It takes us back to brighter years,
to happier sunlit days
and to precious moments
that will be with us always.
And these fond recollections
are treasured in the heart
to bring us always close to those
from whom we had to part.
There is a bridge of memories
from earth to Heaven above...
It keeps our dear ones near us
It's the bridge that we call love.
--Author Unknown

nels, ed, nitro, xing, cocoa
mom, dad, dash, leslie

07 April 2008

mancat monday

nitro discovers the outdoors!!look! outdoors lazer eyes!! how did he DO that????

watchin' cars!

watchin' birdies!!

watchin' woofies!!