05 February 2010


mom saw this on the "it made my day" website:

Last time I took my cat to the vet, the vet snorgled his belly on the exam table! IMMD

Submitted by: ornith

it tickled her funnybone so much, she asked to post it here!


nikita an' his daddy haf made a challenge fur cats an/or beans to write pomes 'bout kitties! you should try it!!! our mom has written pomes 'bout kitties before, an' even had some printed on cloth squares fur beans to emborder an' sew into quilts! so she has helped us make up some haiku. this was even kinda fun, acause we got to see mom cuss an' watch smoke pour out her ears while her thinkin' wheels went 'round. so, here they are:

Lush green sprigs of heaven
Spring skyward, sweetly scented.
Catnip lust abounds!

Moonlight illumines
Dark shapes on deep windowsills.
Jade green eyes glow eerily.

Rippling, limpid, cool,
And fresh. It bubbles sweetly--
My water fountain!

Soft warm velvet pads
Stroke gently, never hinting
At the spring-steel claws.

04 February 2010

groundcat's day update

well, xing gave nitro a buncha hissin' an' a few whappity-whap-whaps, but he din't go cryin' like a six month old kitteh, either. so we dunno how to call it! but it's gonna rain an' snow here today (an' monday), so winter's prolly still here for a while.

NOTE: tomorrow is POMETRY day!!

03 February 2010

OOPS! 2 days in 1

mom screwed up! she posted "cocoa's squeak toy" (below) at the same time as "be vewwy . . . " (below-er) -- they was sposed to be wednesday's & thursday's posts, but now they're bofe wednesday's posts. we're gonna hafta talk to her about this!!!

inna meantime, you kin enjoy TWO posts in ONE!!

cocoa's squeak toy

as you can see from her squinty right eye, this toy hafs claws an' knows how to use 'em! it usually starts when iggy headbutts the dbd an' she knocks him to the ground. then they rassle around an' she pins him an' he smacky-paws her an' she pokes him amidships wif her solid-brick snoot, an' he . . . well, you gets the idea. an' then he wiggles free an' runs into the leg forest unner the kitchen table where she can't reach him. then five minutes later, it all starts again. we think he akshully LIKES this, fur some strange reason.

(an' we is furry pleased an' asited to announce that
[mom is not quite as asited as we are.]

be vewwy vewwy quiet . . .

i'm hunting sisfurs!!!

(xing wanted to title this "i smell you lookin' at me, you rotten brofur!" but there wasn't enough room on the line)

02 February 2010

groundcat day

xingxing waits for the groundcat to emerge from his cave. if she beats the snot outta him when he does, there'll be six more weeks of winter. she may hafta wait a while . . . he's been known to sleep through groundcat's day entirely!

we hadda lotta acitement in fronta our house last night!