17 November 2011

mommer was S'POSED to haf this ready fur werdless wednesday, but she couldn't figger out how to post an animated gif to blogger. now she's got it an' din't wanna wait til next wednesday. she's furry proud of herself that she learnt how to make a ani-gif; it took her less time to learn the construction of it than it did to learn how to post it. she's a little slow--but i'm proud she chose me as her furst subject, an' that she made me so sexy!!

16 November 2011

ok, now read the second line from the top ...

ed is practicing to become an optometrists' helper.

15 November 2011

the magician refused!!!

see? it sez so, RIGHT HERE!
dumb boycats. nefur believe a word i say.

14 November 2011

vertical cat totem pole

we kep' mommer all warm an' cozy on sunday--
iggy kep' her feets warm,
nitro kep' her lap warm, an'
ed kep' her belleh warm.

(thanks, guys--even thought it WAS 72 degrees out.
i know you meant well ... .)