04 May 2007

frootbat friday

at furst, we wondered if he was transparent, and we could see his last meal!!

but our Boybean, who is studying to be a tattoo-er (an' is also a tattoo-ee, like mom), says in the tattoo world that koi fishes are traditionally associated with good luck. so he must be a lucky cat! maybe he has furry good luck catching fishes!! (we doubts it is a real tattoo . . . maybe he gots it from a crackerjack box?)

02 May 2007

acceptance speech by Right Black-Sock

Members of the Acatemy and Movie Lovers everywhere: It is a bittersweet pleasure to accept this award with thanks and gratitude on behalf of my twin sister, Left Black-Sock. She was so honored to appear as Miss Midnight’s body double and understudy! She often said that she would remember her first day on the set as the day she knew where her life’s work lay!

As many of you know, Sea of Love brought Left to the notice of the movie world and resulted in her being given the starring role in Laundry!, currently in production. She was thrilled right down to her toes by this acknowledgement of her talent!

With great sadness I must now tell you all that, while filming an action scene, she vanished. Like so many other socks, the Great Void has taken her. ::sniffle:: Please join me for a moment of prayer for her sole. Thank you all! I know I’ll meet her again on the dark side of the moon.

(Raises award) ::Lefty, this one’s for you, babe!::

01 May 2007

the REST of the story . . .

you or your beans may have gotten an email with this picture, claiming it's hercules, the world's biggest woofie:
mr. snopes sez it's a fake: http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/hercules.asp.

we think hercules was really real, but has gone to doggy heaven, 'cause the man & lady's new pet eated him!!

(keep scrollin')

goliath the kitty came to town!

(jeter--are ya laffin' an' laffin'?)