09 September 2006

new poll, old results

nelson sez:

well, She has finally quit cussin' about vizu and got the poll the way She wanted it. the new poll's on the right side of this page, so it doesn't take up so much space in the posting part (learned that nifty trick from skeezix's blog). please send yer friends and neighbors over to vote, 'cause we're really interested in this one. it'll be up there for a week, and then we'll tell you the results.
4:00 a.m. - 13.0%6:00 a.m. - 13.0%
4:30 a.m. - 8.7%6:30 a.m. - 17.4%
5:00 a.m. - 4.3%7:00 a.m. - 4.3%
5:30 a.m. - 17.4%7:30 a.m. - 21.7%
the results from the previous poll (what time is breakfast?), with 23 respondents, are above. we hope They notice that there are still some kitties who ask for breakfast earlier than we do! (but not many . . . *sigh*.) we do put up with some ignoring on the weekend days (waiting sometimes until 6:30 when our tummies are rubbin' against our backbones), but we voice our opinions at precise 15-minute intervals until someone staggers out to feed us. i was accidentally locked in Their den one time, and the bottom of the den's door has dozens of dents in it. i figure that's from all the shoes they chuck at it to convince us to knock it off. doesn't work. never will.

nitro has a snack

xing lu sez:
my Mommy was slurpin' down a can of ravioli while she watched a moovy called arsenic & old lace for the 'leventy-third time. when the moovy was over, she went off to do something else, and i caught nitro raiding. i kept hopin' that he'd get his head stuck, but it didn't happen this time. rats!

(and my Mommy sez there was 'sposdta be a poll posted yesterday, but she and vizu just weren't seeing eye-to-eye on the subject. maybe it's coming later)

07 September 2006

more pictures!

here's our He & She, whooping it up at a family wedding. you can tell what a good time they're having by the redness of Her face;-)

on the right is our Boy. he doesn't live here anymore but we see him at least once a week. he gives us skritches and tail-pulls, mostly.

in the picture at the left, you see sweet old quiet xena, who never bothers us.

at the lower right is cocoa, who bothers us A LOT!!! but from what He and She say, she'll mellow out eventually. we hope to survive the process.

finally, at left is The-Dog-That-Was, Dashing Thor Thunderfoot, xena's daddy. he was a Good Dog and put up with all sorts of nonsense, like the Boy dressing him up. he was always ready for a ride-in-the-car, chasing squirrels (They had to refer to those critters as "fluffytails" in thor's hearing, or he would go berserk trying to get out the door). he had the most happy-go-lucky personality anydog has ever had. even us meowers miss him.

we will post more critter pictures another time--hope you're having a warm, nappish, comfy, full-tummy kinda day! we are!!

06 September 2006

it wasn't me this time!

Nitro sez:

well, last night, She found out it's not only me that scarfs up leftovers!

She was unavoidably delayed in the bean litterbox room when She heard "clink" "clink" "clink" coming from the direction of the kitchen (which from Her position was out the door to the left, and behind Her). She knew it was the sound of a spoon or fork being moved around in a bowl as a pink tongue slurped up yummy lickins.

"NITRO!!!" She bellowed. the clinking stopped. started again. "DAMMIT, NITRO!!!" silence.


"that does it!!! i'm squirtin' your mangy butt off when i get outta here! go ahead, keep lickin, just keep on lickin!!"



*creeping silently (for a bean) around the doorjamb, plant mister at the ready . . . *

"what the . . . why, xingie! what are YOU doing, slurping up the remains of my garlic pasta? do you like it? want mommy to get you some more, sweetheart?"

*GAAAAKKKKKK* (sound of nitro gagging in disgust)

jeez; not only did xing not get squirted, but got some more lickins, too. and I got squirted for daring to get closer to see how much she got! i ask you, is that rank favoritism, or what?!?

(She's smirking and muttering something about "The Smothers Brothers", whoever they are.)