24 January 2007

the LAST of the ice pictures, i promise!

mmm sez:
first, though, a picture of nelson and the poodle-cut on his leg fur. he seems back to normal, for which we are ALL thankful! the angle of the light makes his undercarriage and paws seem yellow, but they're not. (note the food debris. what pigs cats are when they eat; amazing, for what are supposed to be such fastidious creatures;-) not to mention how they polish each other's bowls for whatever crumbs of food might be left behind. you think they'd do that to the surrounding area, too, but evidently "out of bowl, out of mind." well, most of 'em are a little of that last, anyway.)

the "crystal cave" of branches that fell on our west fence; they were behind me, too, like a real cave!

devastating beauty (biggify to see the destruction parts piled at the side of the road)

crystal chandeliers

not perzactly ice cream, eh, cocoa?

now this you don't see often: two rows of ice have melted and pulled away from the fence they formed on, but kept their shape, sagging from their own weight!

23 January 2007

(almost) wordless widebody wednesday!


22 January 2007

follow-up on nelson

ed sez: this morning, mom took nels to our regular vet, dr shelly harders at angel animal hospital, and she agreed with what the emergency vet said. she thinks a course of watchful waiting will be the most prudent, and so we'll watch him like always (which makes him nervous!) and wait. it may have been a one-time event when two neurons had a head-on crash. it's prolly not epielepsie, she sez, cause mostly only dawgs get that. so we is hoping and purrrayin', and thanks you for doin' the very same!!!

21 January 2007


xingxing sez: our great g*d is spectacularly good!!!!! NELSON GOT A FURRY GOOD REPORT from the vet, and WILL BE COMING HOME later this afternoon---to a house WITH POWER!!! My Mommy will type the technical stuff now, 'cause i don't unnerstand it, but i wanted to be the first to blog the news!

mom sez: the e.r. vet said it was prolly a seizure, not a vascular event, and there doesn't seem to be any neurological or other impairment. they did a chem panel and only two readings were slightly above normal. ofurrwise, he was within normal ranges for a geezer cat. he does have a heart murmur (scoring 3 on a scale of 6), which could be tied into it, but he has prolly had that for years, along with the congestive heart failure, for which he eats k.d. feline, and has never had any more trouble with that since it was identified and treated. the e.r. vet sez that seizures are by no means as common in cats as in dogs, and rarely repeat unless they are tied to a brain tumor or some other dreadful thing, which we are hoping and purrraying not. we will take him to our regular vet tomorrow for a follow up. WHHHHHHEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!

nitro: at 11:49 this morning, we gots "the juice" (as dad sez) for our ceiling fan to blow all the warm airs down from the ceiling again, so we are toasty warm. an' nobody's even tried to sit in nel's chair--we been really good, acause mom and dad's eyes been leakin' so much. we sat on 'em as much as possible (the beans, not their eyes) and cuddled for all we're worth an' it's worked pretty well. but sometimes they started leakin' again and cuddled us a little harder than necessary. oh, well. we're glad nels is comin' home!

edmund: we thanks each and efurry bean and furperson who has sent purrrayers and purrs and healing and energy to our older brofurr!!! we thanks you from the bottom of our furry little hearts. it has worked!!! you are all our fambly, now an' furrefurr!! nose kisses and warmest of purrs to you all!

mom: we are so humbled at y'all's response--it's almost overwhelming. i don't know if i'll ever be able to answer you all personally, but i will try. the sweetness of your love will stay with us a long, long time. thank you, each and all.