12 March 2010

more meowsic for kittehs!!

here is a furry talented kitteh!! she is an entirely self-taught virtuoso!!

11 March 2010

oh, noes!!

we allus thought miss ginger was a NICE lady, but we is re-thinkin' that opinion . . . she is threatenin' to get one of these torcher devices an' make poor getzger use it!!! just because he has a little extra averdupwah. she's discriminatin' against him just acause he has a li'l furchin. why, that's just rank fat-ism.

he'll hafta miss naps an' exert hisself!! we bets she laffs an' sniggers just like the lady who's torcherin' these two poor kitties! there may be a pillow-poopin' in her future!!

10 March 2010


mom played this fur us last night, an' we wants to share this wif you--to further yer edjamaction inna kitteh fine arts!! this is the true story behint it.

09 March 2010

toezie tuesday

we finks mom has posted this befur, but she sez not. anyway, there's nitro's toes!

08 March 2010

big stinky!

mom went wif miss ginger to see this flower ofur the weekend--she said it stinks worse than our litterbox right after ed uses it!! the flower's name is amorphophallus titanum, which she translated as "great big deformed thingy", an' is more'n four feets tall. we are glad mom has a "black thumb" so that she will nefur bring one of these home. we can hardly stand ed!