15 February 2011

ok, we THOUGHT we were back

but mom is STILL wastin' time workin' hard on getting the vacation pictures whipped into shape, commented on, an' uploaded to flickr. (she feels guilty that she nefur got the ones from her trip last april posted--see what a slacker she is??) so we are still bein' ignorified an' the best we can do today is show you the kittehs who liff wif our bean cousin, naomi:

Simon is the oldest, an' a mellow meezer.

roxy is a sweetie pie, even though she's "the middle child"
yoshi is the baby, less than a year old. she developed a real
interest in dad's britches but we dunno why.

here is a viddy that we FINELY got mom to post, so at about 10 seconds into it
you can get an idear of how splendidly orinch yoshi's eyes are!