14 June 2007

thursday 13 - nitro's rules

  1. if it's cat food, it's mine.
  2. if it's people food, it's mine.
  3. if it's food in your mouth, it's mine, and i want it back.
  4. if it's food that's already been processed and hurled back, it's STILL mine, no matter who hurled it. well, maybe not woofies.
  5. if it's food that's already been processed and hurled back with a hairball, it might be mine, it might be yours. depends on how much hair.
  6. if it's food that's already been processed and gone all the way through, it's yours.
  7. if i'm sleeping, leave me alone.
  8. if you're sleeping, wake up and make me a comfy spot to sleep. on you.
  9. if you're sleeping and i'm sleeping on you, don't move.
  10. if you're resting comfortably, see #8, starting with "and make me a comfy. . . "
  11. if you're awake but your legs are sleeping, and i'm sleeping on them, don't move.
  12. if you're awake and i'm sleeping on you, but you have to go pee or whatever, so what? don't move.
  13. if you're awake and i'm awake, go get me some food!

12 June 2007

torcher tuesday!!!!!

warning! may be too intense for some kitties!

'member we told you our mom & dad went to a pond on saturday? well, dad musta done something worse than mom did when she hadda squirt herself in the head!! they . . . oh, it's TOO turrible! . . . they . . . DRUG . . . HIM . . . THROUGH . . . WATER!!!!! . . . LOTSA water! for hours! an' hours!! it was dredful!! at times, he even seems to be laughing, but that's just proof that his mind became unhinged under torcher!!

the beans who met them at the big pond were people dad works with. we haf heard about THEM before, but nefurr anything this heinous. he was furry, furry quiet when they came home, an' movin' real slow. then he went to bed really early, before the sun was all dark.

an' ya know what? he WENT BACK TO WORK the next morning. we figger his brain got waterlogged an' he din't know any better. we pleaded wif him to stay home, but he jus' told us we'd already gotten our breakfast an' weren't gonna get any more. poor dad; he's just a sponge wif legs now. *sob* *whimper*

11 June 2007

mystery monday

whose furs are these?

***well, hockey-darn. we thought this would be difficult. youse guys are too perceptive. mom thought because SHE couldn't guess, no one else would. we will put our thinking caps on an' come up wif a REAL mystery photo, by gum.***

10 June 2007

sleepy sunday

it's been a sleepy day here at chez pierce. we 'nipped ourselfs into oblivion yesterday while the woofies were outside an' mom & dad were at the big pond. they all had a good time. we even has a moovey of the action at the pond for another day. but this is pretty much what we look like today: