03 October 2014

we got somethin' frum the weddin'!

when we gotted Cousin Mike last saturday, there was a big party after the weddin'. since Cousin Mike is a liberryan, Cousin Kayla an' Aunt Sue maked alla the party favers an' decorations wif stuff you would find inna liberry.

on efurry table was a stack of books an' some flowers made of book pages, an' little bitty hearts punched outta book pages,

an' the plastic eatin' claws was in boxes that useta hold cards about books.

they furry kindly offered to share the books wif anyone who wanted them, so mommer tooked this one acause it looked like we would enjoy it when she read it to us. we fink it looks deeeelishus! we will gif you all a review when she gets around to readin' it to us.

02 October 2014

crop circles?

mommer!! mommer!! aliens haf been inna dinin' room!! we has crop circles onna carpet!! We kin see 'em plain as day!! Oh, noes!! An' we thot vishus deers was bad!! What on earf can we doooooooo??

*chill, dudes, chill. The only ailen that was there is the poor cricket that edmund and nitro caught yesterday. I had to run the SpotBot where ed urked him up after the, uhhh, the autopsy.*

(mommer's note:  yes, this was out of order and was posted for a while yesterday. a technical malfunction, nothing more.)

(iggy's note: mommer is a big, fat liar. she screwed it up her ownself!)

01 October 2014

mommer? mommer! quit playin' onna innernets an' pay attenshun to me!

*but ed, all your fans want to know what's going on at Chez Pierce, and if you don't let me type, i can't tell them about you throwing up a cricket leg. where did you get that, anyway?*

hah! you fink i am jus' a crippledly ol' mancat, but i still hafs some git-up-an-go left. i cotted it when it snuck inna cat door from the catio last night!

*you sure you didn't have any help? you know iggy wants to eat anything that moves.*

no, he din't get none. he's been awful sassy to me an' nitro lately, pickin' fights an' pouncin' us, so we teamed up an' played "keep away" from him. worked, too.

*does this mean i have to hunt around for nitro's URK spots, too?*

nahhhh. the dbd gotted 'em befur you gotted up.

*great. i love cleaning up dbd URK spots even more than yours! (yes, sheldon, that's sarCATsm.)* (goes off URK hunting...)

30 September 2014

dammit's job hunting again

... an' all he'll tell us about his next job prospect is that he's gonna be a nunder cover agent, an' that means he was practicin' even last week!! he's really sirius about this one!

29 September 2014

we're late acause mommer is a little hungover ....

Errrrr, she sez we better change that to "tired". Ok, tired. Acause we gotted a new cousin ofur the weekend when Cousin Kayla married Mike 'way up in Kansas, an' now he's Cousin Mike! CONCATULATIONS!!!

Mommer an' dad drived an' drived an' drived to get there an' back, so mostly their butts are sore, but the weekend was worth it!