14 June 2008

after the storm . . .

we bloggin' kitties are so incredibly lucky. we knows comfort, love, an' peace in our lifes here on earth.

but didja efurr think of alla the furries who were rejected, abused, neglected, or homeless in life? they also live at the bridge. who comes to meet them beside the road?

it's the beans who was rejected, abused, neglected, or homeless (an' beans who allus wanted furriends but couldn't haf 'em) that also travels along that same road to heaven.

when they come into view, they are greeted jubilantly. there are ecstatic hops, skritches, jumps, pettin's, sleeks, pats, licks, rubs, an' purrs given an' received as each recognizes his or her most special furriend--oh, such joy!

then they, too, enter heaven togefur, rejoicing that at long last, they know the love and peace they missed on earth.

(we read somethin' like this on the innernets a long time ago an' hasn't seen it since. thought we'd polish it up a bit an' share wif you.)

13 June 2008

soror, ave atque vale . . .

we will meet again in health and joy!