02 October 2008

mom's SO silly . . .

she thinks that readin' a book can make her thin! she's readin' the pyrates, by george macdonald fraser, an' it were suggested to her by fat eric's mum. you should ALL tell yer beans about it, if they liked our sea voyage saga (an' are not put off by some dodgy language; you kin see some zamples here).

it IS furry funny, judging by her stifled giggles an' snorts an' out-an-out haw-haws. but tell yer beans they shouldn't aspect to drop any poundage while readin'--it just ain't true. she keeps sayin' she's laffin' her butt off, but it looks just as wide as efurr to us!

01 October 2008

our poor ol' daddy

he's been kinda ditzy lately, what wif day huntin' being so busy an' helpin' the other branch of the day huntin' place move (he's gonna end up huntin' 13 days inna row), an' then losin' our nels--his furry own darlin'--so we can't blame him fur what he did last night, but that don't keep us from postin' about it!

he was sweepin' up the scattered litter an' other stuff (ed can't manage to poop inna litter box if it was as big as a kiddie pool) inna laundry room, an' went to dump it all inna wastebasket. too bad the dirty clo'es basket was right next to it. yup. the dirty clo'es is lots dirtier now. *smirk* usually, it's mom who's the ditz. [HEY! don't i get a little respect here?] nope, mom. not when you allus furget to check if the spray bottle is set on "mist" insteada "stun the kitty". you deserves it when you blasts yerself inna head efurry morning!