13 February 2008

ed's valentine to midnight

Midnight, you are the fairest of the fair--

Today, I declare my love all ofur again!!
Always, your Edmund

11 February 2008

mexican mancat monday!!

if you biggify the picture, you can see that HE has lazer eyes, too!

this was a cool an' shady spot for a furriendly kitty!

10 February 2008

sunday travelogue

here are some things that mom 'n' dad saw on their trip:
the beans there sure use lotsa fevvers! we coulda had a ball!!

they din't 'dopt none of these fevver factories, darn!

you are sure a strange kitty; let me smell your nose . . .

whap me, an' i'll bite your toezes!!

here, lizzerd, lizzerd, lizzerd!!!!

we gots an award!

thank you, st. louis meezers, for giffing us the excellent blogger award! we appreciates your kindness--you guys are MOST EXCELLENT!!