27 December 2011

goshdangdiddlydarnconfounded . . .

well, you gets the idea. autopost, didn't. an' mommer couldn't fix it frum her android at home. so here you haf it; a meower christmas (below).

25 December 2011

merry catsmas--frum our howse to yers!

(igmu: why does I allus hafta be the bad guy--first "igor" on meyowlloween, an' now a MOUSE!?!? these dratted red contact lenses hurt!!)
(nitro: the trooth hurts, don't it, "bad guy"??! *hahahaha*)
(ed: well, y'know, black cats haf been associated wif the ebil basement cat fur a long time. but at least yer the mouse KING.)
(igmu:  i AIN"T a mouse! an' i ain't ebil--i'se just high-spirited!)
(nitro: you better not be; you KNOW what i does to mouses!!)
(ed: "high-spirited", yeah, that's a good one. YOU'RE why we don't haf a catsmas tree!!)
(xing:  HEY, you rotten boycats!!! it's CATSMAS, fur ceilin' cat's sake!!! can't you be nice to each ofur ONCE inna while??? [aside: do you wonder that i lif by myself in my own suite? honestly.])

Anyway, Meowy Catsmas, y'all!!

wait! wait! me, too!!!

(*sigh* oh, all right ... )

what? WHAT?  mommer said a nutcracker costume ... she din't specify what costume!