11 November 2006

nels sez: mom's puny again . . .

that's what they say in the ozarks when you're not feelin' well--you're puny. and boy, is she efur. it's that dumb bronchitis again. she coughed for a whole day and most of a night and din't get any sleep, then went to the bean vet for medicine, and now she's slept about 18 hours in the last day. so we're on catblanket duty again. her ribzes hurt from the effort of barkin' an' she needs her lungs for breathin' so it's hard to find a cuddlespot she can use! she is just zausted from coughin' so much and needsta take it slow and quiet fer a day or two. so far this mornin' she has got up, had a glassa juice, a cuppa coffee, carried a load o'clothes to the washing box, checked e-mails, and now is going to the reclining chair, where we can relax wif her. she'll try to catch up tomorrow on our bloggie! oh, yes, and edmund sez "hey" to a special little kitty out there. hmmmmm. wonder who that is?

06 November 2006

dona nobis pacem--efurry day

when we first saw the globe with skeezy's picture on his blog sunday, we wondered what could cats could possibly have to say about world peace. but we thought we should try, so we asked mom to make us a globe and put our pictures on it and sign it for us. she did, and then we sent it to miss mimi, wif a letter an' a copy of our globe, like she asked.

so now it's tuesday, and we doesn't have any profound thoughts on how peace can be gotten; we's just kitties, after all. we can't even stop scrappin' amongst ourselves, 'cause that's our nature. but we understands that beans has something called higher intellect that lets them choose how to behave. so why doesn't efurryone behave? we don't understand why, if they can choose a good thing (peace), something that is not painful or harmful in any way to anyone, why don't they do it?

we thinks a first step would be EFURRYONE STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF! quit thinking about how much you can "get" and start thinking about how much you can "give"! get some of what our mom calls "empathy"--spend some time imagining (and, we hope, understanding) how the ofur guy feels. then ask yourself how you would like to feel that way. then think about how you could change his life for better. and then start doing it. but peace is necessary to do this; it's furry hard to feed, clothe, and house people when bombs are falling, supplies are siphoned away by greedy people, and the people who would do good are denied access to those whom they would help.

all we can do is conclude that peace is a necessary thing. how can we get it? we don't know. it seems like a circle: it's gotta be peaceful so people don't need to worry about surviving and when they don't hafta worry, then they can have the time to think about and do things like attaining peace so that people won't hafta worry. . . we don't know; we're just cats. but we know we gotta have it.

when we wrote that letter to miss mimi, we had no idea that it said just about all we could say about world peace. but when we thought it ofur, we realized it really does:

we wish all the human beans in the world and all the 4-legged, 2-legged, winged, crawling, and swimming peoples would get together and make this world work like it is supposed to. that would truly be peace. peace is the only thing that will let efurry kitty live nine lives of comfort, safety, warmth, and contentment, with plenty of food and clean water. and if that's what kitties should have, isn't it just what efurryone else in the world should have, too? peace can give that to us. give us peace.

dona nobis pacem

miss mimi lenox, a blogging writer/thinker/musician, gave us and merlin, of merlin's meows a furry nice mention here. she has lotsa bloggies, and we hopes you will visit them by viewing her complete profile and checking them all out! you will find lotsa stuff to ponder, enjoy, and laugh with. may bast bless her! she is a Good Bean.

many thanks to our best friend, skeezix, who turned us on to this excellent endeavor. clicky here to learn about it. and, dear kitty friends--get WITH IT!! join up now--you still gots time (like, until tomorrow) to tell the world that we think and feel and blog. (you doesn't hafta mention the "world domination" part right now . . . mom sez that would be "impolitic". geez; efurrything is politics these days. she sez it'll stop after tomorrow. *sigh*)

why are we doing this, you ask? click here and think about it. like we said, peace is the only thing that will let efurry kitty live nine lives of comfort, safety, warmth, and contentment, with plenty of food and clean water. and if that's what kitties should have, isn't it just what efurryone else should have, too?

05 November 2006

this is close as we can come to meezer monday

here is our balinese cousin, charlie fluffytail. he is a Cat-Who-Came-Before, and was furry dear to mom. his cat mama & daddy had fancy "papers", but his little ribs weren't formed right, and the breeder wasn't gonna let him be a kitty anymore. well, daddy heard that and was sad, 'cause he knew mom had seen him & his litter and loved him dreffully, even though he walked with a waddle like charlie chaplin. so dad gots the breeder to sell him anyway if dad promised they would nefur try to "show" him, and bringed him home for a birfday present for mom. an' know what? after a year, his ribs was just as right as any kitty's. so good thing dad bought him and let him go on bein' a kitty! only nels 'members him, but he sez he was a quiet cuddler wif furs like silk, and he was a Good Kitty to effuryone, cat & bean.

tara the canadian kitty

if (like us) you've been wonderin' where new little tara's blog has gone, it's HERE. she's charlie & pandora's "cousin"!

hey, guys?

we's doin' blanket-duty on mom in the several places she hurts from cuttin' wood yesterday. she isn't hurt-hurt, just stiff and sore (acause she's old, she sez), an' pretty cranky. we's thinkin' of yas all, and has a picture ready to post for monday, so we'll see you then.

an' it ain't hurtin' us any to rest up after yesterday's party, either--we was quiet, but WE HAD FUN!!! thanks again, smeagol, strider, gizmo & mystery and beans--you threw a rockin' party for all of us, from mini-moes (who are now pretty clean, thanks to fat eric) all the way up to beans (who just watched from corners and almost bursted with love at seeing so many nice kitties together)!

many happy purrs from
nels, ed, nitro, & xing lu