12 August 2013

daddy's purrthday sellybration

our daddy sellybrated haffin' had 60 squillion naps (or 60 years, to you beans) last furrsday, but they put off any festibbities until the weekend. so satidday night, our pal getzger's mom & dad, miss ginger an' mr gary, came ofur fur drinkies an' dinner. daddy maked smoked triceratops (that's whut mr gary tole miss ginger it was gonna be, but we looked at the wrapper an' it sed "tri-tip") an' a pasta salad, an' mommer made cheezy taters an' sliced up jicama to dip in garlic hummus an' tzadiki.

so while the smoker was smokin', the beans was talkin' an' nibblin' an' drinkin' some adult beveridges (as the irish say, "a drop o' th' drink was taken"). 

when dad brought the meat in frum the smoker, even igmu--the biggest bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk inna house--came out frum hidin' behint the wash machine an' stood inna kitchen door, sniffin' an' sniffin'!! it was G.O.O.D.!

so they commenced eatin' an' fer a while all we heard was jaws chompin'. then when they had got rid of the ofur-whelmin' hungries, they started talkin' again about this an' that. at one point, miss ginger menshund that getzger had even been the subject of a post on her blog, an' it was about how cats do things an' that made her think about her life in diffrunt ways.

allus the smart-ass (she wonders where WE get it frum!), mommer sed, "oh, you mean like turnin' around an' wavin' yer butt in someone's face is ackshully a polite an' furriendly thing?" then mr. gary looked at her an' sed, "should i try that when we get home, then?" an' of cawse they all busted out laffin' an' laffin'. even dad. especially dad. who had just tooken a drink. that's how he found out that jack daniel's an' cola are not good things to snort out yer nose. efur.

well, all we can say is, after that, a great deal MORE of the drink was taken, an' we din't get supper until 9:30 pm, which is NOT 6:00 pm. so we fixed 'em. we started askin' fur breffust at 4:15 am, just like always.

(an' by the way, you shuld read miss ginger's post an' look at her blog an' her etsy page, she is furry smart an' a real good artist!)