23 August 2014

Sparkle R.I.P.

she will allus be one of the brightest stars we steer by inna blogosphere!
thanks fur bein' you, miss sparkle!

22 August 2014

our miss sophie!!

dammit sez:  maybe you amember that me an' my catsisfur, sophie, gotted left as teeny, tiny babycats on mommer & dad's carport last fall. nobuddy efur figgered out where we came from or why our catmother lefted us there, fur that matter. maybe she was sick; maybe she was movin' an' furgot where she lefted us; maybe she knew we wouldn't grow up if she kept us, an' chez pierce was rumored to haff a pretty sweet deal on offer fur kittehs. it's a deal that turned out to be REALLY sweet fur me!
daddy's bean sisfur's house is just the same as far as easy-liffin' fur furries, an' so sophie wented there to keep her bran-new catbrofur, rico, company.

yesserday, aunt susan sended this picture of sophie an' we thought maybe youse who amember would like to see how she's growed up. she is a sleek grey mackerel tabby, an' we is all proud to see her so beautyful an' obviusly loved. aunt sue sez the camera added a little weight, but she looks just right to me!
love you, sis! *bonk*

21 August 2014

what is it wif yung cats these days? they just don't respect their olders. lookit me; i'se a oldguycat, an' i can't even take a snooze wifout someone crowdin' in on me. why, if i hadna had that last fat cat ale at lunch wif the neighborcat, i'd get up an' whup nitro's butt but good. right now, though, i feel kinda ... i dunno, full maybe. maybe i'll nap a bit an' be all refreshed an' get up in a while an' teach that whippersnapper some mann... . *GZNORKT*

18 August 2014

Belated but beloved!

so. black cat appreciation day, eh? mommer sez we is belated but beloved. what duz THAT mean? to us, it just means she was too lazy to make a post!

what duz black cat appreciation day mean, ennyhoo? mommer & dad sez we has black cat appreciation day efurry day around here, but we don't belief that. ofurwise we'd be gettin' extra treats efurry day, an' it's a lucky day when we gets ANY at all. we happens to know (by snoopervisin' unner the door) that xing gets treats efurry day!!! mommer sez that's acause she feels sorry for xing acause she hasta liff all by herself becuz of her evil temper errrr, extreme skittishness. all's i know is, she's furry hissy.
can you tell us apart? (no cheetin' an' lookin' up at the header!) sometimes mommer an' dad can't, an' just yell "dammit" all willy-nilly. if you looks careful, you kin see that iggy hafs white hairs in his ears, an' i don't (me is dammit!) also, iggy hafs a fat face *WHAPPO* OW! ok, a "fuller" face, an' mine is more simeezey. iggy calls me trianglehead, but i don't care. it's better than punkinhead. *WHAPPO* OW! i'm gonna get you fer that, iggypunkinhead! *ZOOMMMMMMMMMMM* (THoE begins--lookout fer yer bald haid, daddy--yer right inna middle of the straightaway!!)