27 December 2007

a formerly feral's festivities

you furriends know that i don't post very much here, 'cause mostly i'm asleep, as a geezer cat should be. but i wanted to share my quiet catsmas with you, so you can see it's not only a holiday for the young and loud.

although the tabletop our catsmas tree sits on is not a primo nap size, i did manage some sitting-up, slit-eyed naps there while i guarded it from the brown dog and nitro, the two most likely to destroy it. they both had pretty good manners this year. maybe mom will try putting up the big tree again next year! (note to self: remind her!!)
as i move on towards extreme geezerhood, sometimes i surprise myself by allowing close contact--not only with the younger meowers (you will notice that i am letting nitro rest his cheek on my very tail!!), but with the humans. i frustrate them constantly by sitting on their laps when they request it, but not ever stretching out like the others do.

here, however, i did accord mom the signal honor of lying along her legs for almost 15 minutes. frankly, i love them dearly, but dad's just too bony and mom's too wiggly for my old bones to settle down on for any length of time. although that hissy young girlcat says mom's lap is pretty cushy; but you have to fold yourself for that, and my hinges don't bend like they used to.

and this is the most favoritest present i can remember ever getting (besides primo nip, which we got plenty of, too)! we got two of them, and i have claimed this one for MY OWN. i am the OLD CAT, and i can have whatever i want. mom said so. i won't get out for any of the other meowers, and gave the blonde dog a noseful of claws when she stuck her head inside and woke me. i feel bad about that; she doesn't ever bother me, and i think she was just wondering what all the fuss was about this new tent. i can see why the meezers and skeezix and all you other kitties have raved on and on about them!

i hope that all you geezers and geezerettes had quietly splendid holidays, and that time will flow softly and sweetly for all of us in the coming year.

your furriend, nelson john lapurr

24 December 2007

our wish for you . . .

merry christmas! an' to those of you to whom they apply, happy (belated) ramadan! happy eid! happy (belated) chanukah! blessed solstice! (sorry if we missed any)