03 April 2009

ex-feral furriday

Uncle Eeker!!!
you've heard us mention him before, so now you can put a face wif the name. this is mom's bestest picture of our long-ago uncle. she just found it in an album, so she scanned an' posted it for all of us to see. he was part of a feral fambly that lived in mom's back yard one summer. mom rescued his orange littermate, mouse mcnasty (The First Cat), acause their cat mama had left him behind when she moved the brood--not once, but twice! the other kitties from the litter grew up wif the mama an' stayed away from beans.

one by one throughout the summer, howefur, the mama cat an' ofur kitties disappeared, an' finally only the half-grown grey tuxie remained. he was still wary, but would come to the back porch to eat chows mom left out for him.

one very cold fall morning, mom opened the door an' he din't run away. he sneezed; he coughed. she touched him, an' he din't flinch or move, just looked at her wif goopy eyes. she picked him up and brought him in, wrapped him in a towel, an' called a neighbor to please take them to the v-e-t.

eekie was a furry sick boy fur a while, but the meddysins the v-e-t gave him finally made him better. soon he an' his brofur were playin' an' rough-housin', an' that's how he came to live inside. he lived a long, healthy life, an' became the King of the Cats in our house. mom an' dad still talk about him, an' we wishes we had knowed him. (you kin clickify on his picture to see mom's flickr post.)

02 April 2009


WARNING: maybe you should put yer paws ofur yer eyes an' just peek at this post insteada readin' it outright. you might haf nap-mares!!!
oh, dear bast! we din't know until today that mom stayed in a house in michigan when she went to our dear auntie ethel's funeral a couple of weeks ago. we thought she was safe inna hotel. we are nefur, efur letting her go to michigan again, where the vishus deer are SO vishus that they chase you right through the walls into the house!!!

fortunately, this feller got stuck inna wall, so he couldn't get nobean, not mom, not gramma, not auntie marilyn or uncle john--they all hadda sleep there two nights, an' mom sez she' nefur closed an eyelid the whole time acause she hadda watch to see if the deer was gonna get loose of the wall!! he has been stuck there a pretty long time, we finks, acause she sez he has perfected the art of stayin' furry, furry still while watchin' his prey.

*ooooooooooooooo! it gives us frinklebots just thinkin' of this!!!*

31 March 2009

a little talk on tuesday . . .

man(bean) to man(cat) about:
  1. who ate the last of the cornbread, and
  2. why did he do it at 3:30 in the ayem?!?, and
  3. is he gonna do it again?
answers: (easy-peasy)
  1. two guesses, and the first one doesn't count,
  2. because that's when the aluminum pan makes the loudest clatter on the kitchen floor tiles!
  3. duh.

30 March 2009