15 October 2010

the ed-itor in chief

ed instructs mom as she helps wif a new post. he dictates an' she types, an' makes sure that she's spellin' effurythin' right! that's furry aportant, you know--if yer gonna maintain crebidility as a germalist, you gots to spell right!

14 October 2010

thankful thursday

although we dis her a lot, cocoa is really a pretty good sisfur as doggies go. she don't chase us (much), she don't hurt us when she does catch us, she shares sleepin' places, she lets igmu cuddle up to her, she don't bark a whole lot, an' she plays pretty gentle for someone who weighs 6 or 7 times as much as we do! an' she's pretty laid back as this picture shows. we're furry thankful she's our dbd instead of one of those yappy little aliens down the block!

13 October 2010

play wif me!!!

rocky: please play with me, nitro! c'mon--wakey-uppie! cocoa is sleepin', too, an' none of the other guys wanna play with me . . . c'mon, nitro!! please????? i'm askin' nice an' pettin' yer paw gently . . . i could be ticklin' yer whiskers or pullin' yer ears. c'mon!!!

nitro: ::opens one eye a teensy bit:: i'm gonna send you to ichiro or nicky fuzzypants if you don't quit buggin' me. THEN you'll find out what it's like to be played wif. now go 'way an' lemme sleep. ::the eye slams shut::

rocky: *sigh* won't anybody make me fly through the air like my namesake? chase me an' chew me an' slather me with malodorous spit???

mom & dad: ewwwwww. no takers here, buddy. you may as well take a nap, too.

NB: we must correct the impression that this post identifies catspit as "malodorous". not so; rocky is the dbd's pal, and therefore is accustomed to being slimed with execrable slobbers of the canine kind. he thinks that ALL spit is the same, because the meowers have nefurnefurnefur put their pristine widdle moufs on him. he was just desperate to have someone to play with.

12 October 2010

tufty toezies!

My Mama refers to the hairs in my toezies as "xing's ice skates". i dunno why; she KNOWS i nefur put my dainty paws in ice or snow!!

11 October 2010

holed up!

igmu! you better be careful--i don't think nitro's lasers are set on stun!!