07 October 2006

She finally got the party video done

. . . although She does NOT have the clip of us draggin' the fev-ver butted mousies outta the box (and nitro EATING the peacock fev-ver). She claims she put them into the puter, but when she went to make the video, they were not there. we wonders. anyway, here it is!

we have posted it on our pages at catster, too!

halloween pictures

no, not of us--mom's workin' on nitro's costume for skeezix's contest, though. when she got to thinkin' about costumes, she decided to look up her old pictures (before digital days) and scan them into flikr. so there's a flikr badge in the sidebar where you can see what The Boy looked like in years gone by. we can tell ya, he'da scared us! (well, nels sez he scared the kitties who lived here plenty, anyway, little boys being what they are!)

05 October 2006

We present to you: Henry!

that is to say, Mr. Henry M. Catterton, at this site -- please mosey on ofur and bid him a hearty kitty blogosphere hello, and help him out all you can! (an' that'll encourage his mommy to get on the stick and build that bloggie with him;-) she's a furry, furry artistic lady, so we'll prolly see some really nifty stuff!

Welcome, Henry!!

04 October 2006

xing's taking notes on how to blog . . .

studying another blogger's bloggie, for tips and tricks and things to do on ours. she's certainly intent!

03 October 2006

a little more about pawdicures . . .

us meowers has joined the dk&f secret paws group! over there, i posted a little about pawdicures in our house. you should go read it! and join secret paws!!

purrs, nitro

TA-DA! better late than nefurr . . .

Finally: the awards for the Caption Non-Contest of 26 Sept (winners announced 29 Sept). Mom apologizes, blushing furiously, for being such a dope as to run a contest without even having awards ready. She sez you can lift yours right off this post, or e-mail us, and we'll send the picture to ya, ready to print out and hang on your monitor, or html to use in your bloggie, if ya wanta. we knows lots of ya already has your sidebars overloaded, so if ya just wanna look at it and admire it, that's fine with us!

First Place: Eclair
Second Place: The Meezers
Third Place: Hot(M)BC
Honorable Mention: Catzee
Special Mention: Beau
Poetry Award: Grr, Midnight, & Cocoa

02 October 2006

we're on a movie-makin' kick

here's one of nitro.

she thinks she did better this time at matching up the end of the music with the end of the video.

01 October 2006

mom's first movie project

scene: She lies back in the recliner, and before long ed levitates his 23 lbs onto Her chest. *whump*

*jeez, ed--take it easy! i only got two lungs, and they don't work too good all ready!*

with his head in the crook of Her neck on the left side, right paw over Her left shoulder, left paw over the right shoulder, he kneads Her hair and purrs like an idling truck. finally the purrs diminish, and he extends his right front and rear paws to the side like pneumatic braces, pushing himself just enough to roll himself over Her side and into the space between Her body and Her arm along the arm of the chair. he begins to snore lightly. heavily. lights out! *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

this is this is Her furry first attempt, so please be kind in your assessments, and remember it's hard to operate a camera without looking through the viewer, and with your non-dominant, arthritic hand holding it up in the air!