16 January 2009


our grampa has goned to the heavenly gates, an' collected woofied penny an' nitnoy at the rainbow bridge as he passed. our gramma is sad, but knows it's fur the best acause he wasn't nefur gettin' any better (or younger). so *wavin' paws*, bye-bye, grampa! we loves you!!

11 January 2009

*sigh* sad news

the bean hopsital in chicago, where our grampa (who is 96) has been fur the last week wif a erinary fection has called gramma to say he is furry close to the rainbow bridge. so mom & dad are packing to leave. cocoa is goin' to gramma & grampa pierce's house an' miss ginger & mr gary will come ofur an' feed us & pet us. please purr an' purrray that grampa passes peacefully, that gramma is comforted, an' that mom & dad are safe on their trip to that snowy place. (oh, an' fur our auntie marilyn, who is flying there frum tucson an' will prolly beat mom & dad there.)

mom sez she will try to peek in atta cb an' our bloggie fur us while she is gone. love & purrs to y'all--

the meower fambly