26 June 2007

wacky picture wednesday

this was k.c., the kitty who lived at the place where mom hunts during the day. she lived there for two whole years. she liked to sleep in drawers in funny positions. the kitty got out one evening when a bean came in late, an' was gone two whole days. the people at the next door hunting place found her in one of their trucks! that episode caused so much heartache for mom an' the ofur lady there who loved k.c. (miss nanet), that they:
  1. stuck lots pins in a doll of the late-arriving bean;
  2. spit on the late-arriving bean's shadow; an'
  3. decided that though mom would miss k.c. turrible bad, miss nanet should take her to live full time at her house, where k.c. went on weekends so she wouldn't be lonely. (we already had four kitties here, an' it only brought nanet's herd up to three;-)
that was three years ago, an' people comin' in still ask where the kitty is--they remember her as being so furriendly an' nice. an' she was. mom still misses her.

24 June 2007

SOMETHIN', at last: rainy sunday

well, rainy for cocoa, at least:not understanding the process of getting in the rain box,
she filed a rather rigorous protest:
all that's left of her . . .
nah . . . she's just inna backyard, runnin' around like her butt's on fire, tryin' to dry off. but dad sez mom can HELP next time, insteada documenting the event!