27 July 2007

sometimes you feel like a rub . . .

sometimes you don't!

25 July 2007

(almost) wordless wednesday

for those of you who wondered . . . it is a trash can, but it isn't trash. it's the woofies' food; the beans buy 50# bags, slit them open, an' put bag an' all in the can. the lid was sposed to inhibit sampling, but nitro figgered out on the second day how to pop the lid, so it usually has one of those stretchy cords with hooks holding it down.

24 July 2007

tabbie toesie (an' a glimpse of tummy) tuesday!

here's our efurr-furry, cranky sisfur, gettin' some quality time on mom's lap.

gramma useta complain about her fuzzy cat's long toe furs, an' could nefurr unnderstand why the poor kitty fought her so hard and drew so much blood while she trimmed 'em. after all, that lectric razor was bran' new an' surely wasn't pullin' the hairs out!

uhhhhh, gramma? noise? you fink maybe it was a little scary for the kitty, haffin' that loud buzzin' thing nibblin' at her toezies while you held her down?

beans. sweartabast.

23 July 2007

life is good

here i am, meditating on the joys of being a beloved kitty. i gets lotsa chin an' throat skritches. i gets fresh water an' food i don't hafta chase or share twice a day. it nefurr rains on me. nothing chases me or tries to hurt me (except the boycats, and they don't mean it). My Mommy brushes me, an' it feels good, an' i look more prettier. i'm nefurr too cold an' usually not too hot. i has my own bed an' my own litterbox, if i asks for them. My Mommy kisses me onna nose an' tells me i'm the furry best xingy inna whole world--that really makes me feel special! i gets treats efurry day, an' i don't even hafta ask for 'em--they just hand 'em out!! once i gots little dried fishes from pretty luna in spain--an' My Mommy has saved 'em inna frijamerator just for me. once in a while, i gets to eat one in my own room, so the boycats can't steal it; it is LICIOUS, an' i purrs nicely when she gives it to me to thank her. she sez she loves me acause i am soft an' pretty an' purry. an' that's furry good. life is good. i'm glad. --xingxing

22 July 2007

ride 'em, cowcat!!

mom was bended ofurr to take a close-up of nitro. ed just sauntered ofurr from the counter where he was nappin' an' climbed aboard to settle in for hairs- an' ear-nuzzling! she made him disembark after snapping this picture. by the time she was through, nitro had moved on . . . an' she hadda go find her back brace.