21 February 2007

now I had to go to the vet!

I AM SO ANGRY!!! those rotten brofurs of mine (i won't mention any names, but their initials are edmund and nitro) always chase me, tag-team me, gang up on me. they hiss, they yowl, they scratch. all they efurr get is my hinderparts, 'cause i'm faster than them, but darn it! a couple days ago, one of them (i don't know who) BIT me in my BEEhine, and today i hadda go to see dr. flathers acause of it. (nels is right, she IS furry nice, but she's quite a bit bigger than my dainty 7# 4 oz).

if it's sunny outside, My Mommy always lets me go sleep in the window in their bedroom when she comes home at lunch. that way, i have a nice warm perch and she closes the door, so i get a rest from the evil ones. well, today, as i was settling into my nest there, she stroked me from my nose all the way down to my tail, as she always does, and her thumb found a mooshy spot just to the left of the base of my tail. it was REALLY mooshy, and i didn't want her touching it, but i didn't bite or growl. it just felt funny. she said my ears and nose felt hot, and thought i had a fever, so she called Angel Animal Hospital and made an appointment for me. good thing there was one open at 5:00.

so out came my pretty brown, soft carrier. when My Mommy came home at 4:50, i crawled right in it, and off we went in her green machine that she calls guinevere. the vet aide did that indescribably rude thing, and said i had a fever of 103.2, and actually, i DID feel a little warm. too warm to be comfortable on that cold metal table, so My Mommy put me back in my nice soft cozy den until dr. jane came in to see me. she looked at my owie and said, "do the other cats bother her?" hah! as if "bothering" were the only thing! she said, "this looks like an abscess. would you mind if i shaved off some of this fur (*oh, no! my lovely fluff!!!*) and expressed that gunk out of there?" My Mommy said SHE didn't mind, but she was sure I would! and i did, but i didn't bite or holler, just squirmed a lot.

so now i am at home, and i still love My Mommy. i'm purring while sittin' on her lap to type this. she knows just how to cuddle me. an' she loves me, even if i have a bare patch on my lovely soft fluffy BEEhine. i have to take a pill every morning and evening to kill off the nasty germs that made me sick. see? i always KNEW boycats had cooties, and this is the proof!! rotten boycats.

peevishly yours, xing lu

peeyes: ed is sitting on top of the puter box, trying to put the bitey on the power cord where it goes into the box. My Mommy's afraid of shooting him with the water gun acause of the electrics, but i say, GO FOR IT!! serve him right. miss midnight, you should have a talk with that boy! --x.l.

wacky wednesday


19 February 2007

another nelson "adventure"

i had a furry trying day yesterday. part of it's pretty hazy in my memory; the other kitties tell me i chased an invisible monster round and round until i was tired and lay down, and then mom and dad just petted me and kept me warm with a blankie. they kept saying something about "seizing", but they didn't grab me at all, so i don't think it was me they were talking about. mom told me at one time that it was ok to leave if i needed to, but i REALLY didn't feel up to going anywhere! i kept thinking at them that they should get the license plate of the truck that hit me. they just didn't hear me, though, so i guess the damn guy will get away with it. odd that someone drove through our living room and nobody noticed but me. mom wiped my mouth with a tissue and dad sponged up a few pee dribbles; i don't remember doing THAT, either, but i sure felt wobbly.

after they let me rest a bit, they shined a flashlight in my eyes, pried open my mouth and inspected my gums, bent my feets and hips and legs, made noises and wiggled their fingers at me--as if i hadn't had enough annoyance already! i seem to remember a man doing that to me before in a furry cold room. but that musta been a dream. . .

after a long rest, i got up and walked carefully over to my spot behind the woodstove and napped for a quite a time. later on, i got up and went to the Uncle Eeker Memorial Cat Window and Perch in the kitchen, where my food plate and water bowl are, and hollered until someone paid attention and gave me stuff to eat. gosh, beans can be thick sometimes. but i began to feel pretty much like my old self then.

i showed up for supper, too, and even asked for second supper (like a hobbit--after all, i DO have hairy toes) -- and they GAVE me some! so i had a long slumber but was up at the crack of 5:15 dancing for my kibble this morning. i don't know why dad was so glad to see me--usually he's pretty grouchy about it.

but tonight when mom and dad came home, instead of supper like usual, i got bundled unceremoniously into the brown PTU and hauled off to the v.e.t. our favorite lady doc, dr. harders, was at a veterinary convention in las vegas (yeah, sure) ;-) ;-) ;-), so we met dr. jane flathers; she is furry nice, too, and not much bigger than me! well, ok, a little bigger. she listened to my heart for a long time, and finally said that in light of the previous episode and symptoms, and the fact that cats rarely develop epilepsy--especially in geezerhood--she felt that my sickness was due to not enough blood getting pushed out of my heart. so she prescribed a medicine that will help my heart push. now we'll wait and see. i hope it works; i really was tired after yesterday, and i now and then i need energy to whip up on ed and nitro when they get cheeky!

when we got home, we all got special stinky goodness and i got some mixed with my KD. it was yummy!! then i rested lots more, and mom poked that damn pill down my gullet. she told me to be happy it was only a half-pill, since i only weigh 9.75#. so that's my story, and i'm stickin' to it.

thanks for all your purrs and purrrayers, furriends, and i hope you will continue. mom & dad like their kitties to last until they're 20, so they get their "money's worth", an' that means i gotta stick around for at least 3 more years! (i don't get that "money's worth" phrase, either. dad got me for free while i was mousing in their warehouse--WHAT money?)

purrs, nels