29 October 2010


i love My Daddy!! last night, it got furry, furry cold out. so he made the fire box all warm an' cozy, an' me an' mom drowsed all comfy inna sleepin' chair--until he poked her an' tole her to go to bed, she was snoring!! (i was, too, but in a more ladycat-like fashion, so he din't hear me. besides, he knows better'n to poke ME.)

28 October 2010

thankful thursday

we is awful thankful today that it' s not US in those silly costumes!!!

27 October 2010

pretty silly

mom is just laffin' an' laffin' at this, an' thought you would enjoy it, too!
More Entertaining than the Last Shrek Movie Gif - More Entertaining than the Last Shrek Movie
this is a public service announcement:
catsmas is coming!!!!

26 October 2010

tabby tuesday video

mom gots a new camera, an' we likes this one acause it don't haff a flashy-thing onnit!!
she can take alla the pictures she wants! it's called a flip slide hd; we fink that means if you flip it an' it falls onna floor, it's gonna slide . . . hard!! we finks if you lissens close, you may be able to hear nitro purrin'.

25 October 2010

the foggy, mornin' dew

mom? why is you standin' in that rainbox? i swearta bast, i don't unnerstan' yer compulsion to get wet! an' not only that, you're gettin' me an' iggy wet, too. it's so misty in here, i can't hardly see you. mom?