20 March 2008

we's not drownded

thanks to alla youse who has emailed an' commented, wondering if we was in the flooded area. yup, we is, but nope, it hasn't got us! our whiskers are dry, though both mom an' dad both hadda change their routes to their day-hunting jobs a little because streets an' even whole innersections in town were flooded. our house is up on toppa a little hill, so we doesn't get the really bad wetness. the only thing is that the back an' front yards turn into mud an' the woofies track it inside, an' we learn more words for our "don't say" list.

an' speakin' of woofies, here's the nice police people rescuin' a woofie who had got stranded wif his mom (she's in the purple coat, left upper corner) when she tried to drive through water over the road. that is a VERY SILLY AND DANGEROUS THING TO DO!! she is lucky the only thing that happened is that they got stalled. they coulda got swept away an' drownded, like happens efurry year in the ozarks. beans forget this little almost-rhyme: DON'T DROWN, TURN AROUND!! even a very few inches of water running across the road can push sideways hard enough to make cars go swimming.
mom has had the very icky stay-at-home-and-hope-you-sleep-all-day flu last week, compounded by bronchitis ("coughing up christmas colors", as her doctor puts it), and now has an ear infection that has already maked a hole in her left ear drum so she can't hear. we offered super glue, but she sez it'll grow back on its own; this has advantages for us, though. we can get into stuff on her left side an' she can't tell we're doin' anything!!

last week she felt miserable enough that she din't even care if we ate!!! all we could do was cuddle her, an' she never even hollered when we did the boob-step or bladder-step. but now she has gone back to day-hunting, and is feeling well enough to be REALLY disgusted by being still sick, and can squall loudly when trodden on in the wrong place. we continue to minister through warmth every evening, an' help her when she can't finish her yogurt. *giggle*