06 October 2007

farewell, jasmine

rest well, miss jasmine. we will miss you, but are glad to know you are now all comfortable an' wifout pain. we even bets you ain't grumpy no more an' greeted gizzy at the bridge wif a nuzzle an' head bump.

we purrs purrs of comfort to you, mom, an' to millie, too. it's a sad time, but soon only the good memories will remain. bless you both.

04 October 2007

we joins up wif kellie

we is proud to fly the NBCAM banner, in honor of all the beans who deal wif this disease--specially our bean cousin, naomi, who is recovering nicely from her surgery last week--an' in honor of all our aunties an' gramma. we is PROUD of you, efurrybean, an' hopes someday nocat or bean will hafta post this banner anymore!

02 October 2007

toesie tuesday!

edmundo's plump, pink pads an' soft furs. if you biggify the picture, you can see he's been kneading in mom's hairs. there's a strand of it tangled in the big beard-y center clump of furs!

an' scroll down to the previous post below for last night's late-evening addition: Edmund Joins "Da Bearsss" on zoolatrynfl! many fanks to maggy & zoey & mom ann for their portrayal of ed ready to dance inna endzone. we bets his paws won't be so prissy-pretty after a scrimmage!!

01 October 2007

late-breaking news!!!!!

courtesy of the gang at zoolatry, edmund joins "da bearssss!" (as you chicagoans know it's pronounced)!! (lord knows he needs some exercise besides chasin' xingxing!

mencat monday

LOOK!! we has been made into art by the process known as "zoolatrification" by maggy & zoey ofur at zoolatry. we is furry proud to be art! please visit them. you'll see lots of our furriends there--maybe efen yourself--an' lots more, besides! This post appeared on their site yesterday, 30 Sept 07.

OVER EASY . . . on Sunday morning.

30 September 2007

sunday sunshine

sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy . . .