31 December 2006

happy new year!

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Our Wish for You in 2007

May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline, and may laughter live on your lips! May your clothes smell of success like perfume, may happiness caress your face, and may your tears be those of joy. May the problems you had last year forget your home address! In simple words:

May 2007 be the best year of your life!!!

29 December 2006

hey, guys?? a little help here??

we can't post to secret paws' bloggie. how's come? we useta! can somekitty fix that? or is there something we's s'posed to do? TIA!!

xing goes to the v-e-t

xing sez:

My Mommy noticed that i had a bump on my upper lip, right next to where my upper left fang would be (if i had one, but i don't, and nobody knows why i don't, not even me!). so she took me in the brand-new PTU to see dr. harders. it is a furry nice PTU, and she bought it just for us with her very own christmas gift money--THAT's how much My Mommy loves us! i don't even understand what the big whoop is about going somewhere in it--it's beautyful, an' has a soft padded bottom that my toeses can grip so i don't slide around! an' screens on the ends, so i can see what's goin' on around me. if i don't like what i see, i just curl up and put my tail ofurr my eyes!!

anyway, dr. harders's tech examined me first, and then she came in. i told her the tech had tried to do a rude thing with a thermometer, but i had insisted that he NOT do it. just as i finished saying it, in he came again, and she HELPED HIM do the rude thing to me. i consider that furry unsporting, but then that's my life--the boycats gang up on me at home. but i love dr. harders and trust her, so i let them. i am normal. WELL! i could have told them THAT without sticking a thermometer . . .

anyway, she weighed me (7.8 lbs) and examined me all ofurr and looked specially at my lip and chin and throat. mom told her i have scabs all ofurr me from scratchin' at the fleases that darn cocoa-dawg brings in. so she looked at those owies, and at my chin again, an' she said i has eosinophillic granuloma complex. it is 'cause i am lergic to the fleases. so now i have to be frontlined (and i HATES that spray), and i have to take prednisone for lotsa days (which she says will tone down the itchies a lot). My Mommy will keep a close eye on my lip boo-boo, but it will go away with the medicine.

what the boycats don't know is, THEY have to be frontlined, too, and also the dawgs. tee-hee. i'm not tellin'!! they'll find out soon enough!

and My Mommy asked me to tell you she's finally getting the pictures in shape to show you some secret paws package fun. but don't hold your breath; she's busy lovin' on me!

28 December 2006

chilly morning!

mom saw us cuddled up unner the blanket and grabbed the camera. what? what? like we nefur cuddled before? sheesh. how insultin'. brofurly love, an' all that!

she should just go back to fightin' blogger-formerly-known-as-beta. bfkab has hidden some fiddly bits that she wants back, and must read up on where they might be and how to restore them. but she has most of our page back together, so we are happy!!! thanks, mom!!

27 December 2006

well, we has made the move . . .

to the "blogger formerly known as beta". you notice stuff missing, we bet, like blogroller, scooter's picture, our secret paws and cat blogosphere badges. as soon as mom figgers out where they've gone and how to get 'em back, we'll restore them. anybody got any hints?? please email us through our profile! (we think it still works . . .)

26 December 2006

widebody wednesday

ed sez: our fambly gots this christmas card from the folks who sheltered my momcat while she was hatching us kittens! it's not really me, though i am furry flattered to think they thought i could be a model!!

we had a furry merry christmas!

but it was pretty subdued. at noon-thirty, dad went to grandma & grandpa's house wif The Boy, auntie sue, uncle steve, an' cousin kayla, and they had a big party there. mom stayed here acause she couldn't stand the smell of food, an' even hadda hide in the bean den while dad was smokin' the ribs. but it worked out fine: she cuddled us--each an' efurry one (one at a time)--as long as we din't step on her tum. we had cuddles an' naps ALL day long, 'cept for when she let nels open his secret paw (thanks, lizzie and fambly--it was a BONANZA of goodies)!! he let us all get goofy onna nip an' play wif the fev-ver butt mousies (come to think of it, the nip was prolly why he let us play;-). mom's really sorry that she couldn't find the camera to record it. it was a SUPER good time.

then dad finally came home and brought more presents to open, and mom ate more tea and toast. they watched the polar express, acause dad had seen it before and thought mom would like it--she did. an' then he made up the fire and went to bed early--he hadda get up to go to work this morning, but mom's stayin' home TO CUDDLE US SOME MORE!! YAY!!. she's better--she ate some jello already, and is thinkin' about a soft-boiled egg wif toast--and sez it sounds good to her, which is a big step forward. yesterday, she couldn't even walk past the furridgeamerator wifout cringing!

we sure hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and we'll be around to visit a little later!

25 December 2006


to all our furriends!! y'all have a wonderful celebration, and LOVE EACH OTHER MIGHTILY!! many, many purrs and headbutts to all!!

(mom's sorry we haven't been around lately. she's been a lean, green barfing machine since friday midnight, and regrets not being able to visit around at all the stories and open houses. she's better, but still turns icky at the sight of more than toast and tea. we hopes she'll pep up later . . .)

21 December 2006

somethin' nice . . .

our bean auntie, marilyn, sent this link for all of us to enjoy. thanks, auntie!!

santa's watching, so we're being GOOD!

miss karen, you shoulda made that challenge--xing & ed, touching! and not growling! (well, not after the first few snarls.) an' no one bloodied. mom still can't believe it. we are glad dad could work the camera.

an' here's one efen MORE amazing:

19 December 2006

oh, christmas tree . . .

oh, christmas tree! oh, christmas tree!
how nekkid are your branches!
we see no danglies, hear no bells,
we pat no crystals, smell no smells.
oh, christmas tree! oh, christmas tree!
how nekkid are your branches!

oh, christmas tree! oh, christmas tree!
the doggie brown is lurking.
our mommie sez, "no tree this year--
destructo-dawg is my big fear!"
oh, christmas tree! oh, christmas tree!
we miss your shiny treasures!

oh, christmas tree! oh, christmas tree!
devoid of pretties are you!
no winking bulbs, no hangie-downs,
no crunchy tinfoil snowflake sounds.
oh, christmas tree! oh, christmas tree!
that darn dawg spoiled our christmas!

peeyes: betcha can't tell which stocking is nelson's;-)

18 December 2006

hahahahahaha! a catsmas card!

mom's cousin maria sent it--we thought both the front and back sides were pretty funny. for some reason, mom shook the card at nitro--an' inside the card, maria efen said, "thought you could relate!" hmmmmmm. do you think she's been peekin' at our bloggie?

16 December 2006

our mom is home!!!

nitro sez:

yay!!!!! she got back last evening. it was a wonderful time, she sez, but she was glad to get back home where cats needed lovin' and dawgs needed pettin'. and i guess she was glad to see dad, too. they was huggin' for a LONG time.

but this morning she's got laundry and thank you notes and catsmas shopping to do, and we needs litter and foods, so off she goes again! but this time, she'll be back soon. an' she promised a recliner nap and extra pettin' later, so we'll hold her to it--literally!

thanks to all you who wrote with good wishes and purrs and purrayers for her safe trip--they worked--she nefur even got losted once!

we'll be on line again, maybe later, maybe tomorrow--see you then . . .

08 December 2006

kind of a catch-all!!

ed here: well, i opened it, like y'all said--there's a pretty catsmass package, so mom sez i gots to save that one, but there were also nip-scented fevver-butt mousies and yummy new "dental care" temptations and a pretty card from gemini, georgia, and chey! so i shared, and we played and played with the mousies and chomped down on the temptations--it was ALL good!! an' we enjoyed even more entertainment than they actually packed in the box, 'cause we got to see mom whack cocoa (coo-coo dawg) onna head with the tv guide to get a mousie outta her mouth!! THANK YOU, gemini, georgia, and cheysuli!!! this was my first secret paw, and i love it!!

nels here: i hafta ask you to be serious for a while, and go to libby marie's blog and offer all the words of comfort and love that you can. you will be furry sad, but you hafta help these beans and libby. i mean it. please.

mom here: i'll be driving to chicago tomorrow, saturday, for several days - maybe until thursday - so the kitties will be afk for that time 'cause dad doesn't know his arse from his elbow about blogging. it's possible i might be able to peek in if i can get to the library (limited to 15 minutes for non-residents!!!!), but of course that won't help the kitties much.

it's my mom's 90th birthday, and with dad in the nursing home (and mostly non compos mentis), i don't want her to be alone. that just must not happen!! it's not real easy for most of the other kinfolk to get there--they're almost all age and/or distance-challenged. i hate to leave at such an exciting time for the blogosphere! you know i wanna be BOTH places at once, but mom & dad are the hands-down winners. i hope the kitties will attend to their secret paw shopping with dad, and have them ready for me to mail when i get back.

nitro here: fevver-butt mousies!!! fevver-butt mousies!!! wheeeeeeeee!

xingxing: if My Mommy's going away, who will protect me from the scroungy boycats?!? i wish i could go with her!!! my gramma would LOVE me!! (but mom sez there can't be any petses in gramma's building. darn. i will have to find some new hidey-places . . .)

07 December 2006


ed sez:

i gots my secret paw!!!! it's from gemini, georgia, and chey, alla way from washington!! can i open it now, or do i have to wait until catsmas, like mom sez? we nefur secret pawed before, so i don't know . . .

06 December 2006

we have issued a challenge!!!

the missouri meowers have challenged the dainty Precious Flower from Calico Girls to write a pome to her daddy. if she does, and posts it on their site, we will send $15 to the kitty, bean, or association of her choice!! go ofur to their bloggie an' encourage her!!!

need a laugh?

maybe you haven't seen all of these pictures yet. we hadn't, and we've seen lots! mom's friend joe posted them on his bloggie (an' there's lotsa other interesting, neat-o stuff for geeks there). we didn't unnerstand ALL the captions, but then, we're not techno-cats; but some of you are, and we're sure you'll get 'em. you can see them here: www.fourthlaw.com -- it's the most recent post, entitled "im on ur netw0rkz, scannin ur sheenz!!!!!!!1111!"

02 December 2006

edmund answers the challenge!

My Midnight

My ladylove’s got fuzzy toes,
A sweet brown ruff, a cold black nose,
Pellucid eyes that shine so bright
They fill her little face with light!

Lustrous black, her fur does lie
In plushy waves an’ makes me sigh!
Ebon whiskers frame her face—
They tickle me when we embrace.

She for whom I write this ditty
Is my own Midnight, beloved kitty--
First best cuddle and my sweeting,
More dear to me than even eating!

an' if'n you don't know what challenge i'm talking about, go to my sweetheart's bloggie here
an' find out--and make one!! this is a fun way to help our kittyfurrends and their beans who need a little extra just now! and check out skeezie's blog, too--he has another contest, and will donate $$ to our friends based on how many of us enter the contest. he's a PRINCE!!

01 December 2006

winter wonderland

just a coating of ice pellets - no snow in this picture (thursday afternoon).

today the trees are all wearing crystal crowns (right)

mom got to work ok this morning, and she's peevish, 'cause we only got 3" of snow. she just wanted to see lotsa snow again (like the 6"-12" they predicted), but would have gone to work (she's got common sense, a jeep with 4-wheel drive, and most of the idiot drivers would be too chicken to go out). dad wanted it 'cause he could close his store and stay home, but no such luck. she took these pictures from our car port at lunchtime (1:30), and will try to get some more on the way back to work.

30 November 2006

baby, it's COLD outside!!

well, the wevver inna ozarks has finally started to be like winter. on wednesday, it was 72 degrees. today, it's 27 and sleeting. mom took this picture when she came home from work--she went there, and darn if they din't send her home! a big can on top of a wooden pole went KA-BOOM! and then there was no 'lectric, so they couldn't see nuthin' or run the machines. this has happened all ofur the city!!

in one place, there was efen a tree ON FIRE 'cause one of them cans 'sploded right next to it and lit it off! an' we hears sireens alla time. mom saw polices efurrywhere because lotsa branches and efen whole trees had fell inna streets and the beans' machines couldn't get past 'em. it's a m-e-s-s!! but the good thing is, we has an extra snuggle-by-the-woodstove day wif our mom!

the joke's on dad!

mom & dad are allus urging cocoa (the d*g) to "git them squirrels"!!! to motivate her to chase 'em away from stripping dad's poor struggling pecan tree in the back yard. they've never gotten a ripe pecan from it although it bears efurry year. the darn tree ratties get 'em.

well, cocoa chases 'em dutifully, and finally got one. when dad came home tonight, mom was holding something behind her back, and told dad "cocoa got a squirrel!!!" at first he was all proud, but then kinda disbelieving, 'cause he din't think mom would be holding a dead squirrel in the living room (sez mom: too right!). when she presented him with it, this is what he saw:

unfortunately, the only pecans it has efur menaced were in a pie; it's the plywood cutout that grandad made for mom to use to pull out hot oven racks. apparently it had been taunting cocoa from the safety of the counter, and let its tail hang just a little too conveniently low. *sigh*

29 November 2006

WHO's taking ofur the world????

we found this on little catzee's bloggie:

There's a guy who wants to study bloggies an he's askin fur help. Does all the kitty cat bloggers wants ta help? All ya gotta do is links here, and pings Technorati. Wanna help?

there is lotsa knitters posting there who thinks maybe now is when they find out they is taking ofur the world--we can show 'em different!! c'mon, kitties!!! PING!

xing lu politely offers to . . .

rip ed's face off, after he pushed his way onto mom's lap! no love lost between these two, although she's getting a little better at tolerating nitro.

27 November 2006

AHA! Caught in the act!!

the evidence:

is it ed? looks like he's washing up after a meal . . .

is it nitro? he's inspecting that hole pretty closely!

AHA! caught red-pawed!!

26 November 2006

Ed sez: Here is my sweetheart!

Miss Midnight, the most beautyful girlkitty in the blogosphere, is my sweetie! Hello, my darlin' adorable girl! Isn't she gorgeous?!

(Eric & Flynn were the clever fellows who guessed right first on this bloggie.)

25 November 2006

edmund announces:

that the lovely miss (you hasta guess this part) has consented to be my girlfurrend! she's a fluffy girl with a fancy fur collar, and she's delightful!! she's my furry first cuddle-kitty, and i adore her.

hello, sweetcheeks! i'll dream about you efurrytime i nap today!

and please, efurryone, keep purrin' & purrayin' for our dear li'l kc, miss libby, brendan, and all those in purrrayer & praise bloggie

24 November 2006


Please go to the Pet Prayer and Praise Blog tonight at 8:30 EST. Little KC has complications from her ladygardenectomy surgery and needs our help.

21 November 2006

mom keeps telling us . . .

"get a job and contribute something to your upkeep, for pity's sake!" so i did. i'm working part time as a bookmark!

20 November 2006


Oh, Dear Bast! They Have Recruited Human Servants!!!!! Study these faces well--learn them--KNOW THEM!! They are among us now!!


Click if you dare.

hurray! we gots our bloggie back!!

while mom's not azackly ALL better, she's back at work and now we can surf and blog!!

the bestest news (besides her & dad surviving bronkitis, that is) is that the new cat blogosphere calendar is ready to purchase!!! please go here to read all about it! and steer your beans that way--they're the ones with the credit cards--and remind them they have bean-friends who know and love all us kitties, and would be PROUD to own this marvelous monument to meowers efurrywhere. there're T-shirts and a mini poster, too!!

i'll bet they have bean-friends (like our mom & dad do), who don't have a clue what kitty blogging is all about. what better way to advertise what fantastic felines we are--kitties with hearts to help ofurs!!! not to mention, a darn good look at some of the cutest cats around!

purrrrrs to ya all,


peeyes: i know a secret about edmund and where he was saturday night! >^*smirk*^<

18 November 2006

mom hijacking the bloggie again . . .

and yes, thank you to all who asked, the dear daddy-guy is getting better, too. in fact, he is better than I am, drat it. no doubt he has a superior constitution (and six less years less age on him;-). this morning, he went out and dug holes and drove posts and hung cattle panels across the back of the extra lot, then filled the two wood racks on the porch, then made the weekly wal-mart run without me and did some fine choosing of goodies all by himself. me? i washed two loads of clothes and cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded & loaded the dish washer, and was shot. took my first nap at 11:30 and my second at 4:15. i'm SICK of being tired!

17 November 2006

missouri meowers' mom here:

yes, i live, still coughing, draggled-tailed, and worn but alive and so far not in the horse-pistal, as nels says. anyway, i wanted to steal a moment to say thanks to all of you kitties and beans, and bless you for your well-wishes, purrayers, and purrs. i feel SO warm and cherished, which is the most cosy feeling in the world, and energized - a big help when i felt like it was almost too much effort to walk to the kitchen! sadly, the computer is one room farther away, and unheated, to boot, so not much visiting there. the one time i had almost unlimited time to surf and blog, and too sick to care; how unfair is that?!?

it seems that every cough, cold, and sniffle that i get now refuses to go away without more extensive and expensive medicines being thrown at it, and it takes me longer and longer to recuperate. i useta be able to take some aspirin and a sudafed and keep on truckin'. not so, when your body begins to rebel. bah. getting old is not for sissies, as my 90 year old mother keeps telling me. i hear ya, ma; i hear ya like never before!

as those sneaky years keep creeping up on me, i find that i don't bounce back quite so quickly and that it's actually difficult to regain lost ground. a shoulder injury from june of 2005 has finally progressed to the "well, i guess that's as good as it gets" stage.

a bruise that the chocolate buffalo (cocoa the dog) gifted me with on my lower right shin and ankle 3 weeks ago has finally stopped being touchy--but is still lividly evident. cocoa was comin' in at full speed, head down, intent on knocking xena - the elderly labrador - off her pins. unfortunately, i moved at the wrong time and got the brunt of the assault. i don't know which part of her hit me--shoulder, chest, head, foot, all equally hard and unyielding. spun me around like a weathervane, although weathervanes don't usually go arse over teacup unless there's a tornado passing through. well, come to think of it, that's a pretty good metaphor for cocoa. she's just a force of nature, unaware and uncaring of the havoc she wreaks. not a mean bone in her, but they're all made of concrete & rebar. when she hits ya, y'stay hit.

anyway, i hope to encourage the kitties to blog a bit this weekend, since i have returned to work and can now stay upright for most of a day with no need a full-time catblanket (that doesn't mean i don't want one, just that i don't need one). it's possible they will object, however, because it'll mean losing their warm, lumpy recliner/bed accessory. i'll keep the stove stoked and point the fans in the direction of the computer room, and put a poufy throw on the chair--the rest will be up to them!

thanks again, effuryone!! you are ALL my darlings!!

15 November 2006

mom's STILL puny!!

nels sez: the poor woman is just dreadful knocked out from coughing (an' she's GOTTA cough up an' out, her doc sez, or she'll put her in the horsepistal wif p'nomyia). she tried monday & tuesday to stay at work (havin' lain on her butt all friday through sunday--we made sure of that), but couldn't manage it either day. today she feels the "best" since last wednesday, although it doesn't come near to being "good".

when we lay on her, her innards make funny squeaky sounds and gurgles and rumbles and ripples. they provide pretty good entertainment until we are flung up towards the stratosphere as her coughin' fit follows. very disconcerting when you've just heard what you are sure is whale song . . . (yes, we listen to Discovery Channel, too--it's all about cats and dogs and gyraffes and fishes and burds and green fev-vers and mouses and ducks and white fev-vers and pink fev, um, flamingos and . . .*hrumpf*)

now dad has called mom, saying he went to urgent care this morning and they sent him off with four prescriptions and diagnosis of bronkitis, too. what is this world coming to??? good thing there are enough of us to take care of all two of them at once!

mom thanks kindly all the kitties'n'beans who have sent well wishes and purrs, and offered prayers. and special thanks to the kitties who teleported over while it was quiet during the first days to purr and cuddle wif us and mom--you know who you are!! she appreciated the nose-kisses and gentle head-bonking. (tee-hee!! it made dad think he was crazy at first, seeing all those kitties who obviously weren't us, who never seemed to be entirely in focus, and who weren't there for very long at any one time. he'd heard about teleporting kitties but this was the first time he'd seen them in action, and had already begun a frantic search'n'rescue operation for his marbles when we reminded him that cats do that in the blogosphere. he enters rooms kinda tentatively now, looking to see who *might* be where . . .;-)

purrs to all, and thanks--nels

11 November 2006

nels sez: mom's puny again . . .

that's what they say in the ozarks when you're not feelin' well--you're puny. and boy, is she efur. it's that dumb bronchitis again. she coughed for a whole day and most of a night and din't get any sleep, then went to the bean vet for medicine, and now she's slept about 18 hours in the last day. so we're on catblanket duty again. her ribzes hurt from the effort of barkin' an' she needs her lungs for breathin' so it's hard to find a cuddlespot she can use! she is just zausted from coughin' so much and needsta take it slow and quiet fer a day or two. so far this mornin' she has got up, had a glassa juice, a cuppa coffee, carried a load o'clothes to the washing box, checked e-mails, and now is going to the reclining chair, where we can relax wif her. she'll try to catch up tomorrow on our bloggie! oh, yes, and edmund sez "hey" to a special little kitty out there. hmmmmm. wonder who that is?

06 November 2006

dona nobis pacem--efurry day

when we first saw the globe with skeezy's picture on his blog sunday, we wondered what could cats could possibly have to say about world peace. but we thought we should try, so we asked mom to make us a globe and put our pictures on it and sign it for us. she did, and then we sent it to miss mimi, wif a letter an' a copy of our globe, like she asked.

so now it's tuesday, and we doesn't have any profound thoughts on how peace can be gotten; we's just kitties, after all. we can't even stop scrappin' amongst ourselves, 'cause that's our nature. but we understands that beans has something called higher intellect that lets them choose how to behave. so why doesn't efurryone behave? we don't understand why, if they can choose a good thing (peace), something that is not painful or harmful in any way to anyone, why don't they do it?

we thinks a first step would be EFURRYONE STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF! quit thinking about how much you can "get" and start thinking about how much you can "give"! get some of what our mom calls "empathy"--spend some time imagining (and, we hope, understanding) how the ofur guy feels. then ask yourself how you would like to feel that way. then think about how you could change his life for better. and then start doing it. but peace is necessary to do this; it's furry hard to feed, clothe, and house people when bombs are falling, supplies are siphoned away by greedy people, and the people who would do good are denied access to those whom they would help.

all we can do is conclude that peace is a necessary thing. how can we get it? we don't know. it seems like a circle: it's gotta be peaceful so people don't need to worry about surviving and when they don't hafta worry, then they can have the time to think about and do things like attaining peace so that people won't hafta worry. . . we don't know; we're just cats. but we know we gotta have it.

when we wrote that letter to miss mimi, we had no idea that it said just about all we could say about world peace. but when we thought it ofur, we realized it really does:

we wish all the human beans in the world and all the 4-legged, 2-legged, winged, crawling, and swimming peoples would get together and make this world work like it is supposed to. that would truly be peace. peace is the only thing that will let efurry kitty live nine lives of comfort, safety, warmth, and contentment, with plenty of food and clean water. and if that's what kitties should have, isn't it just what efurryone else in the world should have, too? peace can give that to us. give us peace.

dona nobis pacem

miss mimi lenox, a blogging writer/thinker/musician, gave us and merlin, of merlin's meows a furry nice mention here. she has lotsa bloggies, and we hopes you will visit them by viewing her complete profile and checking them all out! you will find lotsa stuff to ponder, enjoy, and laugh with. may bast bless her! she is a Good Bean.

many thanks to our best friend, skeezix, who turned us on to this excellent endeavor. clicky here to learn about it. and, dear kitty friends--get WITH IT!! join up now--you still gots time (like, until tomorrow) to tell the world that we think and feel and blog. (you doesn't hafta mention the "world domination" part right now . . . mom sez that would be "impolitic". geez; efurrything is politics these days. she sez it'll stop after tomorrow. *sigh*)

why are we doing this, you ask? click here and think about it. like we said, peace is the only thing that will let efurry kitty live nine lives of comfort, safety, warmth, and contentment, with plenty of food and clean water. and if that's what kitties should have, isn't it just what efurryone else should have, too?

05 November 2006

this is close as we can come to meezer monday

here is our balinese cousin, charlie fluffytail. he is a Cat-Who-Came-Before, and was furry dear to mom. his cat mama & daddy had fancy "papers", but his little ribs weren't formed right, and the breeder wasn't gonna let him be a kitty anymore. well, daddy heard that and was sad, 'cause he knew mom had seen him & his litter and loved him dreffully, even though he walked with a waddle like charlie chaplin. so dad gots the breeder to sell him anyway if dad promised they would nefur try to "show" him, and bringed him home for a birfday present for mom. an' know what? after a year, his ribs was just as right as any kitty's. so good thing dad bought him and let him go on bein' a kitty! only nels 'members him, but he sez he was a quiet cuddler wif furs like silk, and he was a Good Kitty to effuryone, cat & bean.

tara the canadian kitty

if (like us) you've been wonderin' where new little tara's blog has gone, it's HERE. she's charlie & pandora's "cousin"!

hey, guys?

we's doin' blanket-duty on mom in the several places she hurts from cuttin' wood yesterday. she isn't hurt-hurt, just stiff and sore (acause she's old, she sez), an' pretty cranky. we's thinkin' of yas all, and has a picture ready to post for monday, so we'll see you then.

an' it ain't hurtin' us any to rest up after yesterday's party, either--we was quiet, but WE HAD FUN!!! thanks again, smeagol, strider, gizmo & mystery and beans--you threw a rockin' party for all of us, from mini-moes (who are now pretty clean, thanks to fat eric) all the way up to beans (who just watched from corners and almost bursted with love at seeing so many nice kitties together)!

many happy purrs from
nels, ed, nitro, & xing lu

30 October 2006


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(and don't neglect Part Deux of the Prize Package Opening, below!)

Prize Box Video - Part Deux

we wants to point out that nels is not really a meany-cat. it's just that he so seldom does anything but eat, sleep, and potty that when he showed up for the opening, we couldn't resist "embroidering" a little . . .

29 October 2006

Prize Box Video - Part I

ok, here's the first part of the fun!!

leaf stew!!

 this is cocoa's water dish outdoors--it was clean, new water this morning! the day turned grey, cloudy, & cool, and the wind blew and blew!! not all our pretty trees are pretty anymore. *sigh* Posted by Picasa

nope; not yet

no video yet, that is. in the mean time, here's a picture of a sleep shirt that mom's bean sisfur sent her. we think it ROCKS, 'cause we all cuddle and watch the bean tv program with mom & dad. we wishes there was one for us, starring THESE babes!! way to go, aunty marilyn!!

28 October 2006


mom's workin' on the prize package video, so in the meantime we're gonna show how pretty it is here--even this late in the year--now that the dadgum rain has stopped.

here's leafs in our oak

an' here's our oak tree up at the top

an' this is our oak (right) an' maple (center) tree tops (an' some other skanky bush on the left side of the street that mom couldn't get rid of)

an' here's the new maple mom & dad bought at a nursery today (an' no, that's not dad, that's the tree nurse).

26 October 2006

wound up like an 8-day clock . . .

nitro sez:

my prize package from skeezy's contest came today an' mom let me open it an' effurything inside smelled like primo nip so all the ofur cats came running to see what smelled so good and so mom put me inna bean litterbox room wif her so she could take mooveys of me while i opened it all an' i did an' she did an' it all smelled so good i rolled in efurrything an' rassled the nip-bag around a lot an' then discovered there was fev-ver butt mousies an' i losted all interest in efurrything else (but i still kept lookin' at the pink fev-ver boa an' tryin' to decide whether or not to go back to it) and tost 'em an' bunny-kicked 'em an' hockeyed 'em all around the little room until her camera filled up so she went an' downloaded an' came back an' put some more of the stuff out for the ofur kitties an' took some more mooveys (which she won't have ready to put on our site until prolly monday) while we rolled an' hissed an' kicked the toys an' then we got mad when she put the nip out of reach for a while 'cause we was gettin' sillier an' sillier so we hadda just play wif the toys an' then dad came home an' played wif us anna toys an' made mom promise that we could go to "Nipstock" later tonight an' even though we don't know what nipstock is, we can do it--i'm just sure of it--if it involves even a little bit of nip!!!!

i'm gonna take a nap n . . . .

nitro's costume secrets revealed!

mom sez:

taking the picture of nitro in his halloween costume wasn't all beer & skittles. the shirt is a size 3mo-6mo from the thrift shop, and i sewed the bling around the neck from my jewelry parts stash. getting him into it was like dressing a recalcitrant baby, but i was encouraged that he didn't freak out during a coupla shirt-wearing dry runs.

however, came the photo shoot, getting that HAT to stay on was a whole nuther story. first i stuffed it with tissue paper, and the crackling of it was so alluring to him that he kept trying to see up into the hat. then i tried stuffing it with bubble wrap, but that was heavier than the tissues, and he didn't like it. i knew i shoulda stuck with the tissue, but we shot with the bubbles. if only i had been smart enough to stiffen the crown with white glue (which is how he got those perky ears) and then glued it to his head!

and here's the story of the "proud meezer posture" several kitties commented on: when we got him all dressed, he suddenly developed an advanced case of jello-bones--would NOT stand or even sit on dad's lap, just collapsed into a puddle of nitrobutter. so we ended up setting him on the kitchen table with dad behind him. dad started out by holding him up by the collar. that pulled the bling into his fur and outta sight, so i told him to grab him by the scruff. he did, and that worked best, but the poor kitty looks like he's had two too many face-lifts.

after the costume came off, he did come seek me out, so he didn't hold a grudge. what a Good Kitty! i wonder how he'll like playing Santy Claws . . .

25 October 2006

we highly recommend . . .

today's "Two Lumps" cartoon. if you're not already a fan, you could start now!

(not quite) wordless wednesday

ok, it's a woofie, not a kitty, but mom asked if she could pick the picture, and we let her. she's been thinkin' a lot about him lately: this is thor, The-Dog-That-Was, and the most good-natured woofie that ever was, too. xing doesn't 'member him, but the rest of us do, and he was a Good Dog.

ok, it's not wordless, either, but we figgered we'd better 'splain so nokitty thought one of us had turned coat, or been eaten!

an' this wasn't halloween, either. the Boy just felt like doing it, and thor was happy to go along with him. like we said, a Good Dog.

24 October 2006

tummy tuesday - edmund

here, in all his fluffitude, is the one, the only,
Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, Earl of Pierce:

23 October 2006

hell is at 35 degrees and holding:

here are nitro, edmund, AND xing lu, all on mom/mom's chair AT THE SAME TIME! granted, even though the boys are playing by the kitty-courtesy rules and ignoring her like mad, xing's still muttering and swearing at them. if mom weren't there, xing woulda been gone in an ill-tempered, growling flash. and possibly a puff of sulphur vapor.

21 October 2006

ripped from the arms of morpheus . . .

and tossed ignominiously into a Prisoner Transport Unit! that's how my day began.

i was snoozin' peacefully in my chair across from the toasty-warm wood stove, nestled in my cozy new micro-fill mini-comforter. mom got two them of yesterday, so we now has one each (except for xing, who doesn't sleep in the living room anyway). *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

*zzzz---SNORK! wha'? wh. . .NYOOOOOOO!!!!!!* i was unceremoniously dumped into the PTU with scarcely any time to express my outrage. off we went in the big red machine to . . . you guessed it--the vet. by now i was mute with wrath, and said not a meow all the way there.

well, my left ear has been itchin' me something awful, and while i let mom & dad knuckle the dickens outta it, i won't let them put a q-tip or the snout of the medicine bottle in it. in fact, teeth and claws figure into the equation when they try, so they don't try furry often any more. last night, i finally scratched the backside of my ear all bloody, and they said "something must be done." they certainly didn't consult with me about what that "something" might be! hence, the trip to the vet.

there are three lady vets in practice together at angel animal hospital, but dr. shelley harders would be my pick if i'da had one. miraculously, that's how it worked out. my wrath cooled at last; i knew she wouldn't hurt me. we knows her of old, since she worked for the first vet, dr. snow, who owned the hospital. when he retired, she and two other ladies took over.

she checked me out in general (i seem to be in good shape for a 16-bean-year-old kitty), and she was furry patient as she q-tipped the gunk out & checked for mites (score: nels 1, mites 0). then she sloshed in some cleaner liquid and soaked and q-tipped it out again. she put medicine in, and gave some more of it to mom to use on me later (much luck to her on that!). dad sez if it works good on me, he's gonna try it--he has perpetually itchy ears, too, and the poor guy just can't get those hind feet up to scratch satisfactorily!

by this time, i was so completely seduced by her charms (and dad's iron grip) that i let her cut my shivs--front AND back!! ahhhhh. what a lady!

then they packed me back in the PTU, and off we went home. dad passed 'round treats with a liberal hand and told me what an excellent kitty-boy i was, and mom promised some mighty good 'nip a little later. it was awful exciting--got my geezer-cat blood racing so that my nose turned fluorescent pink--but now i'm just gonna go back to my cozy spot and nap until i smell that 'nip!

cheers, nels

20 October 2006

dirty ol' dread pirate blogger

today we has visited efurry single bloggie that we links to, an' it hasn't let us leave comments on but one or two! we are furry frustrated!! we isn't ignoring you (even though nitro has "the big head" now and barely speaks to us; that snip. he thinks we deserve it, since nokitty else wanted to wear the costume), we is pre-vented. (we allus useta think that meant holes punched in it beforehand, but all's we gots is the ones we was borned with!) anyway, we is hoping that d.p.b. will straighten up and fly right by supper time, so mom can post. for that matter, we hopes he lets us post THIS!

18 October 2006

thank you, one and all!

to efurry cat'n'bean'n'woofie'n'bird'n'whoefur voted for me (or even thought about it):
Thank you furry, furry much!
it means lots to me that a jurry of my peers peered at me and said they liked me. usually, i'm the one causing trouble and gettin' squirted. it's a nice change to be causing fun and laughter! i know there was some furry tough competition, and it's an honor to be in such company. when we started bloggin', we were welcomed warmly and have been befriended many times. we has such a nice community--we are proud to say we're cats, and we blog!!

now, mom said from the time i picked little scooter, that even if i din't win, we would sponsor him. so we're gonna add to the prize from skeezy. and we'd like to challenge each of you to do the same--not scooter if ya doesn't wanta, certainly. but maybe the kitty you chose. or another kitty entirely. or maybe one not even at best friends sanctuary. (we donates to a local no-kill shelter here in missouri, too, but best friends is special to us 'cause it's special to skeezy and his fambly.)

but please donate SOMETHING to a shelter SOMEWHERE!! there are so many of us who suffer, who are alone, who need medication, who need lovins, who need a safe, warm place to sleep, & uncontaminated food and water. shelters, especially no-kill sanctuaries like best friends, can give these things only as long as we lucky, blessed kitties and our beans make it possible.

even small amounts are welcome--please read skeezy's message in the very first comment on this post. if you can afford it without discombobulating your budget, please donate. you'll sleep better tonight. thank you. *what the . . . how'd i get up on this flea-soap box? i better get down!*

we loves you all, you know!

purrs & kitty kisses from

the cat ate my homework - honest!!

a video our bean cousin, pam, sent us:

thanks, cousin!! meows!!! n-e-n-x

16 October 2006

beware of flying objects . . .

nels sez:

well, this morning She hadda go change her pants. She peed 'em. before breakfast. and it was all xingxing's fault.

xing likes to sit on the table that the puter face sits on while She types. all of a sudden, xing started that well-known rhythmic urping that signals an imminent hairball (and she, being very fastidious, hurls some whoppers!). She didn't wanna annoy xing just then by moving her, so She just moved papers outta the way and told her to go for it; which she did.

but the hairball didn't come all the way out! xing panicked and did a scrambling, floundering about-face turn to jump up on the puter body where it sits next to the face. while she did this, her head went through the 180-arc with her mouth pointing upward, spraying hurl-juice ceilingward with great success.

then her head followed through with a snap, disengaging a world-class hairwad, which smacked into the wall--four feet away!! it slid slowly down the wall like those icky garden slugs, and plunked onto the carpet. us boys watched in awe. we've projectile-yakked a few times, but NEVER anything like that. xing has a new weapon, and we respect her for that. we're staying outta the way when she hurls.

oh, yeah; it took Her almost three minutes to get Herself together enough to go clean up the mess, wipe Her eyes, and use Her asthma inhaler. and then, of course, to change Her britches.

15 October 2006


so little scooter gets another sponsor!! Click Here to go directly to my entry!
Click here to go to the contest page!

13 October 2006

hell has frozen over . . .

the mom sez:

photographic proof that it's a cold day in hell AND missouri, and there are no wood stoves fired up in either place. you would never catch nelson this close to ed & nitro, otherwise.

xing lu, however, is cuddled up in the kitty cozy in her suite of rooms. when you see her lying this close to the boys, you might's well hang onto yer glass eye and yer wooden leg, gertie--life as we know it will be comin' to a screechin' halt in a matter of minutes!

we'd like to get him one of those heated kitty cups, but he'd probably pee in it to declare his ownership and electrocute himself in the doing. hafta mull this over for a while. we know his "arthur" bothers him and have started him on glucosamine and chondroitin, but heat would give immediate help. darn opinionated cat!

11 October 2006

halloween costume posting

we has put nitro's halloween costume picture on the contest page, so g'wan ofur there and see all the inventive kitties' pictures! there are LOTS of 'em, but room for more--so if you hasn't participated yet, be sure to check out skeezy's page, 'cause he's extended the deadline for efurryone who hasn't had a lot of time to do this!!

09 October 2006

a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do

to keep warm on a cool fall day! unfortunately, not long after this was taken, he rolled and stretched and pushed the "test page" button and scared hisself right off the printer! *silent kitty laugh*


07 October 2006

She finally got the party video done

. . . although She does NOT have the clip of us draggin' the fev-ver butted mousies outta the box (and nitro EATING the peacock fev-ver). She claims she put them into the puter, but when she went to make the video, they were not there. we wonders. anyway, here it is!

we have posted it on our pages at catster, too!

halloween pictures

no, not of us--mom's workin' on nitro's costume for skeezix's contest, though. when she got to thinkin' about costumes, she decided to look up her old pictures (before digital days) and scan them into flikr. so there's a flikr badge in the sidebar where you can see what The Boy looked like in years gone by. we can tell ya, he'da scared us! (well, nels sez he scared the kitties who lived here plenty, anyway, little boys being what they are!)

05 October 2006

We present to you: Henry!

that is to say, Mr. Henry M. Catterton, at this site -- please mosey on ofur and bid him a hearty kitty blogosphere hello, and help him out all you can! (an' that'll encourage his mommy to get on the stick and build that bloggie with him;-) she's a furry, furry artistic lady, so we'll prolly see some really nifty stuff!

Welcome, Henry!!

04 October 2006

xing's taking notes on how to blog . . .

studying another blogger's bloggie, for tips and tricks and things to do on ours. she's certainly intent!

03 October 2006

a little more about pawdicures . . .

us meowers has joined the dk&f secret paws group! over there, i posted a little about pawdicures in our house. you should go read it! and join secret paws!!

purrs, nitro

TA-DA! better late than nefurr . . .

Finally: the awards for the Caption Non-Contest of 26 Sept (winners announced 29 Sept). Mom apologizes, blushing furiously, for being such a dope as to run a contest without even having awards ready. She sez you can lift yours right off this post, or e-mail us, and we'll send the picture to ya, ready to print out and hang on your monitor, or html to use in your bloggie, if ya wanta. we knows lots of ya already has your sidebars overloaded, so if ya just wanna look at it and admire it, that's fine with us!

First Place: Eclair
Second Place: The Meezers
Third Place: Hot(M)BC
Honorable Mention: Catzee
Special Mention: Beau
Poetry Award: Grr, Midnight, & Cocoa