30 May 2012

a little night music ...

'amember the great cheezit caper? an' the follow-up? well, the case has been solved.

daddy's been tryin' ta quit smokin' an' the meddysin he's takin' makes sleepin' diffycult. so sunday night he decided to try sleepin' inna recliner chair (where he snoozes pretty good inna daytimes sometimes).

liffingroom: (lights go out, sound of recliner reclining.) (cue sound from kitchen:) *thunk* ... *thunk* ... *thunk*

enter daddy:  @*#()&  &*(*)@!!!!! *stomp* *stomp* *stomp*  (lights go on) what are you little foundlings doing??? (he said somethin' a little more earthy than "foundling".)

igmu, paw in cabinet door:   ummmm, nuthin'?

daddy:  "nuthin'" my @$$. gitouttathere! i'll fix yer wagon ::tape tape:: THERE! now lemme sleep dammit!

so, disabused of the oppertunity to raid the cabinet, quiet reigned for a while. then we went to sleep on daddy, an' daddy went to sleep inna bed. dunno whut his prollem was; WE were comfertable! ennyhoo, the upper cabinet where the cheezits useta live now looks like THIS, an' you saw the place they moved to inna "follow-up" linkie above.

LAST night, he decided he'd try sleepin' inna liffin' room again.

liffinroom: (lights go out, sound of recliner reclining.) (cue sound from kitchen:) *tonk* ... *tonk* ... *tonk*

enter daddy:  @*#()&  &*(*)@!!!!! *stomp* *stomp* *stomp*  (lights go on) igmu, you little (foundling), what are you into NOW???

igmu, paw wedged under edge of locked cabinet door:   ummmm, nuthin'?

daddy:  i'll sweartagod. i'd fix you good if i had kitty-sized handcuffs!!! ::rip, tape, tape, tie, latch:: let's see what you do NOW, smart@$$!!! *stomp* *stomp* *stomp* (exeunt daddy, stage left, igmu stage right.) (offstage, bedroom door closes emphatically.)

(we suspects this is onnea them stories that end wif "to be continued" ... ;-)

29 May 2012


mommer turned me inside out!!!

28 May 2012

fank you all!

we fanks alla beans who served an' are servin' still today!
they is precious to us!!