01 April 2011

why, oh, why???


an' now to our regularly scheduled message:

Mama, you is usually a furry smart lady, so why did you ask me to sit on your lap when you knew i would have to stare at these other kitties? i know that you were looking at ME when i was looking at them, but why do you wear pictures of kitties who are NOT ME? i know i am the prettiest girlcat in the house--because you tell me so whenefur you sees me--so why would you want to see other kitties on your T-shirt? i think i am a little bit crabbilated. 

31 March 2011

mancat cave

i'm safe if i'm BEHIND the bad cat bottle;-)

30 March 2011

basement cat's local representative

scopes out the view that ceiling cat usually has . . . and he likes it.
he LIKES it.

29 March 2011

is nitro comin' or goin'?

or is he twins, comin' AND goin'? hard to tell!

28 March 2011

bravest of mencats!

nitro, sleepin' on xing's butt!!