09 October 2012

dawgs is the cwaziest peeples!

we tole you yestiddy that we'd show you somethin' else frum the day at purina farms when we met flat skeezix an' not-flat miss karen, but we can't get the dad-blamed moovey to load on blogger. so we will hafta tell you insted--an' you will hardly be able to belief it!

there was a competition to see which woofie could get wettest!! at least, we fink that was the point of it; they were certainly gettin' plenty wet. we just dunno what dawgs see in divin' inna pool--ON PURPOSE yet! they ran around outdoors an' jumped inna big plastic hole fulla water!

it was already kinda rainin', an' cold enough to freeze the giblets on any chick-hen you'd care to name, an' still there were crowds of beans standin' around yellin' for one dawg er another, cheerin' 'em on to see who could jump the farthest into the pool.

mind you, those same cheerin' beans were bundled up in heavy jackets, wearin' scarfs an' hats an' gloves, wif the ends of their noses all cold an' drippin' (an' that DON'T mean a bean is healthy, honest!), an' yet they was makin' them woofies jump just nekkid as they was born into that icy water. maybe it was some kinda endurance test to see which dawg was the last to freeze solid or somethin'.

you know you wouldn't catch a cat (1) wastin' energy by jumpin' into icy water, (2) runnin' around outdoors inna cold by choice, or (3) gettin' wet by choice, just to make beans holler! heck, our beans holler at cocoa  alla time, an' she ain't even doin' any of (1), (2), or (3)!!!  no sir; no ma'am. no cats we know would be doin' that, not while there was a plump cushion, a fluffy duvet, a cozy sofa, or warm-air-blowin' thingy available. no cat would willinly even step a pinky-toe out inna rain, let alone fling hisself into a pool of cold water!

we fink this maybe was just a demonstration to the werld at large of -- once again -- cats' nacheral superiority ofur dawgs by virtue of smartness. you just can't imagine enny cats bein' involved in pool divin', can you?

08 October 2012

well! at last we gotted to go somewhere--at least, flat us did (tee-heeeeeee, we sed flatus!).
on saturday mommer wented to purina farms in saint louis's city, an' guess hoo was waitin' to meet us? flat skeezix an' the real Food Lady, miss karen!! (we was disappointed that there wasn't no Mr. Tasty Face, acause we wanted to try his flaver fer ourselfs if skeezy would let us.) of corse you reckernize skeezy an' his ripply mussels, all decked out in his pink fevver boa an' moovey star glasses. that's his brofur tripper next to him. trip got awarded alla those bells onnis collar acausa alla the berds he makes go ded. an' we's sorry, we don't 'member the name of the ladycat at the right, but her bean is a furriend of miss karen.

we wented around a big, big room visitin' lotsa kittehs an' woofies who where there hopin' to find their furefurr homes. they tole us that the nice beans who were standin' around had bringed 'em so they could meet folks who were lookin' fur love. ummm, err, you know whut we means ... NOT the ofur thing.

we finks there must be innernets inna shelters, acause they all crowded up when they reckernized skeezy. he was very popular wif the kittehs there-- he's furry easy to talk to, not a stuck-up sellebrity-type at all--an' they bended his ears a lot, efurrytime he got close to them! an' one li'l orinch kitteh cosied up to nitro, but mommer din't get a picture of that. 

we also helped put together "welcome home" bags wif food an' toys an' treats fer woofies an' kittehs who get 'dopted frum shelters. you kin read more about it here (an' there is lots more about this event onna mousebreff site). this gimundus cat waved goodbye to us when miss karen an' mommer left the building.
we're kinda puzzled by miss karen's statement that now she could cross mommer off her bukkit list. we dunno what "crossin' off" is, but it must be ok wif bofe of them, since they were smilin' a lot the whole time they was together. 
 tomorrow, we will tell you a little more about the day--a crazy woofie tale!