18 May 2010

what th' heck????

we can see that we will hafta watch the beans' motor vehicles a little more closely. . . . after comin' back from wallymart, mom went rushing straight to the bean litterbox room, an' rubbed an' scrubbed her right paw furry viggerusly wif lotsa soap. she was mutterin' an' scrollin' down the bad-werd list all along, sayin' stuff like, "blanketyblank birds, you'd think they didn't have anything to do all day but (bad werd). but (bad werd)-ing inna truck??? inna (bad werd) truck??? howinthe(bad werd) did they manage that? and how did it get there when the (bad werd) windows were closed? i SWEAR it wasn't there when we WENT to wallymart. (bad werd) birds. i just (bad werd) don't . . . ." you gets the drift.

when they had got all through shopping an' had put the bags o' swag inna back, they got into the cab, an' she saw some stuff onna dashboard, so she chipped at it wif her fingernail, scrubbed at it with her finger, then said, "y'know, that kinda looks like bird (bad werd). lookit that spot over there! and that one! and . . . auuugggggghhhhhh! i stuck my finger in bird (bad werd)!!! now i'll hafta boil it!!!" dad was laffin' an' laffin' an' told her she oughta hang her hand outsidea the window. she was furry unappreciative of his humor.

but it does leave us wonderin': how DID that birdie get in there to leave its callin' card? an' when? we're gonna sit inna window an' ponder this while we keep a lookout!

17 May 2010

cozy new nap spot!

it's just my size. an' furry comfy, acause the "mattress" is almost as thick as the container is tall! ok, ok, it looks like a trash can, but it's really a laundry hamper. it's back inna utility room, an' no one bothers me there. besides, it's close to the dbd's water bucket an' the potty boxes, so it's pretty much ideal. you kin see that mom had brought more laundry to throw in the hamper, an' just dropped it onna floor acause she was so surprised to see it already occupied. i'm glad she didn't just grab an armload an' fling it inna washer-box!!

an' mom sez to tell all you norwegians (forest cats an' beans):
"Ha en god Syttende Mai!"