05 September 2007

weird wednesday

here is a furry odd machine that mom and dad saw in the wallyworld parking lot. dad said the tractor seat would hafta have a lot more padding than that for him to ride it! the back end is made from a kinda machine called a veedoubleu, an' its rear bumper is a curved tree! mom took a picture but was in a hurry, so it's blurry an' you'll just hafta imagine. you kin see somma the same wood if you biggify the picture--it's in fronta the pedals an' behind the passenger seat. (an' you kin see dad waitin' patiently in our big maroon machine while mom takes the picture. he's good that way, waitin' for mom to do her camera thing. he hadda drive around twice before he could find a parking spot close by.)

04 September 2007

tabbie tuesday

i am furry proud of myself. i found a safe place to hide from the brown woofie and nitro while they chase each other through the house. i can see efurrywhere they go, but they haven't found me yet. i thought this was a clever spot, yet My Mommy found me almost right away! how do mommies DO that?!

yesterday, the brown woofie was my friend, though. nitro was waiting to bushwhack me: he was in front of the chair i was hiding behind, an' he had his butt all up inna air, waggling it like he was gonna charge. an' the woofie ran ofur an' chased him away! when she came back, i went ofur an' sleeked on her to thank her. so she slurped me; it took me a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time to unruffle my furs, but i wasn't mad.

peeyes: there reason there is a place for me to get into the hidey-hole is acause the brown woofie's tail mashed the clear stuff to smithereens when she was tail-wagging acause daddy had come home!