27 June 2012

whisker wednesday

xingxing sez: even though it's "whiskerhump wednesday" for mancatly whisker humps, i am posting my picture because even though i am a ladycat, my whisker humps haf produced some exceptional whiskers.
My Mama calls me "Princess Prettywhiskers"!

26 June 2012

mommer sez sometimes i reminds her of a bombay cat, although i was borned right here in misseri. so i started readin' up on bombay an' i found out that it's in a place called india, like springfield is in the YooEssAyy. mommer sez it's furry hot there, so it must be a lot like springfield! but they haff more monkies than cats, so that's a way it's NOT like springfield.

ennyway, i notised that somma the menbeans there wear marks called tilak on their foreheads on speshul occasions, an' i figger any day i gets some haff-n-haff (like i did this morning) is a speshul occasion, so i thought i would haf nitro take this picture of me to show how speshul i looked wif my haff-n-haff tilak. so he did.

then he dropped the camra an' grabbed me an' likked my tilak all gone. i suppose that's ok; i couldn't lik it myself, annit woulda got all sticky.

25 June 2012

this is MY mancat monday post--me, igmu!! it's about time i gotted to write a post!! you kin see three things frum this picture: (1) my razor-sharp shivs make me a mighty slayer of paper bags! nitro will hafta find somewhere else to cower when i decide to whup his kittybutt. (2) my daddy wears a air force belt, which looks a great deal like a snake, an' since i am not allowed outside, it makes a pretty good substitute to tussle wif (although it hurts when i puts the bitey on its head). (3) i am furry polite: i refrained from wommitin' in daddy's hat even though it was in easy reach. mancats rule!!!!