19 March 2009

i am mortified!!


samantha & tigger an' us4 was right! my rotten, no-good brofurs finally asplained about a "pear" anna "pair". they hooted an' hollered an' teased alla time they were asplainin'. those boycats are coarse, coarse, coarse!!

WHY would My Mama think i would even WANT such things???? they just gets lopped offa boycats, anyway, so how much could they haf to do with bein' brave?? i finks their portance must be vastly overrated. lotsa boycats AN' girlcats are brave an' haf adventures, so i don't see the connection at all. My Mama sez there are lotsa mysteries that are not meant to be solved. maybe this is one of them.

18 March 2009

what's wrong wif my spelling??!

My Mama is laffin' an' laffin'. she saw my post about the pear, an' said my spellin' could use a little improvement. she said the improvement would make the whole phrase clear, but i still don't get it. a pair of WHAT???

17 March 2009

toezie toosday

a nice matched set of nitro-toes!

16 March 2009

grow a pear?

that's what My Mama sez to me efurry time i run yowling through the house, or hiss or spit or smack at those boogery boycats. i don't unnerstand. "oh, xing, fergossakes, GROW A PEAR!" how will that help me? i has tasted pears, an' they are juicy-yummy, but just can't imagine how growing a pear can help me keep those boycats away. i know growing it involves digging inna dirt an' droppin' a seed an' coverin' up an' fertilisin' an' waterin'--an' i can take care of all that! but what will growin' a pear help me do to those nasty boys?