31 March 2007

mom's purrthday adventure

miss gingerour moma nearby corner; folks must be related to the ones in skeezix's neighborhood!flea market (who on the good green earth BUYS fleas? we got ours for free! but we'd gladly sell 'em! maybe we should ask mom to take 'em ofurr there . . .)sign inside the flea market (nobuddy listened; the big white litter box was plugged up . . . nobody'd scooped in AGES--ewwwwwwwwww)yummy spinach quesadilla, chips, some 'lishus salsa, an' the best guacamole she efurr had. oh, yeah; an' a negra modelo, her new favorite sody pop!some pretty flowers growing on a side streetthe "town square" parkoh, no! she spotted this inna store window--a GANG SIGN!! the vishus deers are here!! we're so glad she din't run into any!an' this is pretty much how the whole day went! she was so glad miss ginger could hang out wiff her!

29 March 2007

we thanks ya!!

our mom had a WONDERFUL day yesterday, an' gave us spinach quesadilla leftofers for treats when she came home!!

she said to thank you all who wished her happiness--it sure worked. her jaws are sore from grinnin' an' she hadda use her asthma inhaler three times 'cause she was laughin' so much!!

we are gonna let her post a few photos from her day on the weekend, so stay tuned!

28 March 2007

mom's birthday

it's our mom's birthday today. here is the card we gots for her!!she's takin' the day off from day hunting, an' she an' her ladyfriend ginger (who also has four kitties, so she's automatically OK in our book) are planning what we heard mom call a "go-to-hell" day--we really don't unnerstand that. we thought the point was to avoid going there . . .

wacky wednesday

our wacky dad. he saw max's commander kitty tower, so he hadda get one. he doesn't even have a tail to help him balance gracefully, so we were a little worried as he crawled from branch to branch. and since he doesn't have claws, he was rubbing a big piece of metal on the branches. every once in a while, he'd make some noise, but it didn't sound much like meowing . . . . we're furry concerned about his mental health; is this a "spring" thing with beans?(mom: actually, he was trying to trim out the last of the ice storm damage, but only spiderman could manage that without a bucket-truck, so the tippy-top snags will remain.)

27 March 2007

"cat tale" tuesday

look, mom!! somebody wrote a book about xing!
      no, ed. that's a picture of somecat that looks a lot like our xingxing.
did she pose for the picture?
      prolly not. i haven't seen any royalty checks in her name at the mailbox lately.
well, what is it then? it's got about a thousand kitty stinks on it!!
      that's a book about a girl and her kitty, so i suppose beans who love kitties have read it, and their kitties have investigated it just like you're doing.
why is there a book about a girl and her kitty?
      well, from the couple of pages i have read so far, they go into the future to help people.
help people in the future? why don't their OWN cats help them?
      ed, even in our real world, not everybean has a kitty or kitties. or even a woofie.
*gasp!* why efurr not?
      good question. because they don't know any better, i suppose.
well, i still don't see why they hadda go.
      maybe they don't have any kitties in the future, and they need to see one.
*wheeze! gasp! choke* (faintly:) no kitties?
      i don't know, ed. it's just an idea. i've only just begun to read the book. i'll tell ya how it comes out.
oh, mom! if there's no kitties, i don't wanna know!!!
      ok, ed. i'll make up something and won't tell you if there's no kitties.
*shiver* oooooooooo. even for a kitty with laser eyes, THAT's too scary to think about!!

26 March 2007


*look deep into my eyes* *deeper* *deeper* *deeper*


UPDATE: he heard, he obeyed. you may now comment on my pulchritude in mancat monday!

mancat monday!

(MEEEEEYOW-WOW, middie!!
*nudge-nudge* *wink-wink*)
we doesn't know why there's no comment button; DPB, we guess. please email us through the profile if you wanna comment! thanks!!

UPDATE: aha! scared DPB into it!!

25 March 2007

you can "get" AND "give" at the same time:

mom sez that when ya wanna treat yourself, this is a good place 'cause it treats lotsa ofurr folks to foods they need when you buys something. an' here are some examples of the goodies you can get--but there's LOTS more! please encourage your furriends and fambly to look at the site, and buy something if they can!