31 December 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

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We hopes each an' all of you--4-legger, 2-legger, winged, an' finned--are blessed wif health, strength, abundance an' joy this year, an' may you haf plenty of time to enjoy them wif those you love!

30 December 2010

i'll take the high road!

 now, where can i go from here?
the road lies open before me--northward, ho!!!!
wow! i've discovered the road to new snooping territory!!

27 December 2010

two santas, one house!

 our uncle gary, miss ginger's husband

our furriend, getzger, who does NOT haf 
a belly like a bowl fulla jelly. 
his beansister, lanie, insists that it's a bowl fulla flounder!

22 December 2010

smells like . . .

the feline americans! thanks, guys!!
an' thanks to all the ofur furriends who haff sended cards!! we're sorry we haff a lazy, lazy mom who just doesn't "do" cards. but we loves you, each an' all!!

21 December 2010

it was NOT me

when mommer came home last night, she shrieked an' hollered--it was mostly dark an' she couldn't see furry well, an' she thought we had made a really big mousie go ded inna kitchen. then she hit the light switch an' an figgered out it was her "chrissmiss red" nail polish, an' she started to shriek an' holler again, but this time it was mostly werds from the bad werd list. well, whattaya expect when you leave a roly-poly object onna table where kittehs play??

howefur: i can say wif certainty that it wasn't ME. i dunno who it was, acause i couldn't see inna kitchen. it prolly wasn't xing unless she figgered out how to break outta her rooms. nitro was sleepin' mosta the day inna chair by the fire box. an' i din't see iggy much at all that day. but i know santa paws is comin', an' i am no dummy. i was sittin' right here inna liffin' room corner onna ol' chair, not doin' nuffin'. alla time. all day long. an' that's the truth . . . thpppppbt.

20 December 2010

mancat monday guest kitteh

this is gilligan. he liffs inna nearby pet supplies store. isn't he a cutie? mom took this picture while she was playin' the fingers-creepin-ofur-the rattly-paper-bag game wif him.
inna movey below, he gets to know a little woofie. an' the li'l woofie makes her feelins known!

15 December 2010

duck 'n' cover!

last night i was unner attack!! it was finally warm enuf to come outta the nap pile, an' i was playin' in my crinkly tunnel in fronta the sofa. the dbd was layin' onna sofa just above my head, an' all of a sudden, she asploded!!! her head wagged about a skillion times, her not inconsiderable body levitated a coupla inches offa the sofa, her ears flapped so hard i thought she was gonna fly up onna ceiling fan, an' the most nockshus schpritz flew through the airs--i was just comin' outta the tunnel an' got soaked!!! an' this is not to mention the drefful but indescribable sound that assaulted my ears! natchurly, i, ummmmmm, sauntered away slowly to get a better view of the debree field.

after a while, efurrything looked as normal as it's efur gonna look where the dbd is concerned, so i reapproached the tunnel, stoppin' to examine the dbd's nose (from which had issued the asplosion). she drew in a quick breth, an' i saw my brief life flash befur my eyes . . . the whole thing started ofur AGAIN! billions of tiny particles rusht towards me like wet, angry bees, her ears flapt, an' this time, i, uhhhhh, sauntered ofur to my safe, cozy catcave unnerneath the platform rocker. i'm stayin' here fur a while to be sure the asplosions are ofur fur good!

13 December 2010

not today, furriends

it is 4 degrees F on our carport (that's MINUS 15.5 C for our furriends ofur the pond). we are goin' back to our snuggle pile. that is all.

(fanks to aDORAble an' eric 'n' flynn fur catchin' the oopsie onna temprachur!)

10 December 2010

gone to the dawgs!

this is where our mom goes day-hunting. they are haffin' a company meeting, what's wrong wif this movey?? YES!! there are dawgs drippin' offa the walls and there are NO KITTIES!!!!

they useta haff a kitteh named "k.c." (kolar cat) there fur a coupla years, but she got out one night an' was gone for two nights anna day. mom an' the ofur lady inna office were SOOOOOO upset that when the folks next door finally called to say they'd found her, the other lady took k.c. home to liff at her house wif her two kittehs, because neither she nor mom wanted to liff through anofur scare like that. so k.c. still liffs wif miss nanet an' her two catbrofurs to this day, an' the dawgs has tooken ofur the office.

09 December 2010

forgiff them, ceiling cat . . .

they know not what they did! here is late-breaking noos from our furriend getzger:


Love, Getzger
an' THIS is what he is refurrin' to! oh, lawsy, lawsy, lawsy!!!!

08 December 2010

somecats like it

somecats don't. gettin' yer livver turned ofur, we means . . .

nitro REALLY does--you can't tell it in this still photo, but he's makin' biscuits wif his paws while coo-coo (ermm...cocoa [santa's watchin', i know]) sniffs an' licks his face!

07 December 2010

06 December 2010

mencats at work

you know it's gettin' to be catsmas time when the man in bloo shorts (well, ok, a blue parka) starts leavin' toys on yer front porch!! our auntie marilyn sended us this great box wif lotsa crinkly bags innit. we played wif it all evenin' long. there was some ofur stuff innit, too, an' mom liked it better'n the bags, so we din't hafta assert our right to play wif the good stuff. beans--they just got no sense o' priorities!

03 December 2010

look! Look!! LOOK!!!

the wunnerful miss amy of amy's house of cats made me these two marvylus pictures wif my profile on a coin--now i can write to the u.s. treasury an' PROOVE to 'em how awesome it'd be!!!

02 December 2010

noble ed

mom finks that if there is efur a coin struck wif a cat's picture, 
it should be edmund's noble profile!

29 November 2010


edmund was a train conductor in a previous life; he still likes to punch tickets . . .

24 November 2010

12 November 2010

11 November 2010

 our daddy an' bofe our grandaddies was inna militaries, an' we fink they are brave an' good. we are proud that they joined wif so many beans to keep our country safe an' strong!
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thank a veteran--not just today, but efurry day!!

peeyes:  happy purrthday to our cousin, lauren!!

10 November 2010

once again, hell freezes ofur

yes, ladycats and gentlemancats, the above-titled amazing Event of Biblical Proportions has occurred again! the hissy, squirrelly girlcat, the fat fluffy cat, an' the aggravated ginger cat all shared mom as the temperature outside (and inside) plummeted an' warmth was at a premium before dad built a fire inna firebox!! you will notice that xing gives edmund a spectacular view of her best side, while ed tries (unsuccessfully, thank bast) to light her butt on fire wif his laser eyes, an' nitro just wants to be left the heck alone to sleep.

igmu's whereabouts are unknown, which is a blessing, otherwise this "peaceful" gathering would not have occurred, iggy's penchant for stirring things up being what it is.

09 November 2010

the cat's in the cradle . . .

(sorry the picture is fuzzy; i was trying to stifle my snickering--meower mom)

08 November 2010

mancat ed

mancats know how to find comfy nap spots in quiet, out-of-the-way places.

however, moms, in pursuit of cuteness know how to find and disturb them with the flashybox. drat their hides!

04 November 2010

we meows fur peace!!!!

c'mon, human beans--we're cats an' dogs, fur bast's sake.
if WE kin do it, YOU kin do it, an' that'll make a better world fur all of us!!

01 November 2010

this is the mom speaking:

ok, i saw you boys over in that corner, whispering together. then you all sauntered to the kitchen table and one by one jumped up into your usual positions around my breakfast plate with the peanut butter sammich on it. then you, mr. instigator igmu sapa, reached over and smacked ed on the tail. as expected, he whirled around. then because no one was there, he sat back down--ON MY SAMMICH!!!! i know you all knew i wouldn't eat it after that.

my only question is, did you plan that together so that ed sitting on the sammich was the point all along? or did you younger boys tell him you were gonna do something else, then depended on him being confuzzled enough to forget to turn back around after iggy swatted him? we all know his logic has been "fuzzy" for years. i'm pretty sure it was the first choice; ed may be getting older, but i doubt that he's old enough to have forgotten which end eats the sammich and which end . . . well, you get the picture.

very clever, boys; very clever. but your cleverness got you no ill-gotten gains: the dbd got the whole sammich AND got to lick the plate where the peanut butter had squooshed out the sides of the bread after ed's ample arse landed on it. i don't even wanna know how ed's butt gets clean. keep it to yourselves.

me and the bad-cat bottle? we're gonna become best friends. we'll be watching you! ::points to eyes, points to cats::

29 October 2010


i love My Daddy!! last night, it got furry, furry cold out. so he made the fire box all warm an' cozy, an' me an' mom drowsed all comfy inna sleepin' chair--until he poked her an' tole her to go to bed, she was snoring!! (i was, too, but in a more ladycat-like fashion, so he din't hear me. besides, he knows better'n to poke ME.)

28 October 2010

thankful thursday

we is awful thankful today that it' s not US in those silly costumes!!!

27 October 2010

pretty silly

mom is just laffin' an' laffin' at this, an' thought you would enjoy it, too!
More Entertaining than the Last Shrek Movie Gif - More Entertaining than the Last Shrek Movie
this is a public service announcement:
catsmas is coming!!!!

26 October 2010

tabby tuesday video

mom gots a new camera, an' we likes this one acause it don't haff a flashy-thing onnit!!
she can take alla the pictures she wants! it's called a flip slide hd; we fink that means if you flip it an' it falls onna floor, it's gonna slide . . . hard!! we finks if you lissens close, you may be able to hear nitro purrin'.

25 October 2010

the foggy, mornin' dew

mom? why is you standin' in that rainbox? i swearta bast, i don't unnerstan' yer compulsion to get wet! an' not only that, you're gettin' me an' iggy wet, too. it's so misty in here, i can't hardly see you. mom?

22 October 2010

film buff furriday

nitro, you've got to ask yourself one question: "do i feel lucky?"

well, do ya, punk?

21 October 2010

the 'tocks of 'tober

sorry, derby--mom din't get herself in gear in time to post this yesterday for your purrthday, so here's a belated pair-o-tocks we deddycate to you . . .

ed to the left, xing to the right, making a duo of indignant 'tocks:
XING: what? you DARE to sit on My Mama while I am sitting here?
ED: youdarnbetcha! she was MY mom furst!!
XING: well, here's a moon for YOU!
ED: an' here's one for YOU!

(mom notes: somehow, mooning just doesn't have the same impact when the butts are pointin' AT each other . . . )

20 October 2010

weird wednesday

we've told you before about the lady robin who makes her nest efurry year onna ladder by the carport where the vehicles live, an' how much exercise we gets while watchin' her an' the daddy bird flyin' in an' out. well, this last weekend, our daddy was out beside the ladder gettin' ready to go cut some firewood, an' he noticed there was anofur egg inna nest!!! he thought it looked kinda funny, so he stepped closer an' it looked odder still--until he realized it was a black walnut from our tree!!! some silly brushy-tail (we can't say "squirrel" out loud or the dbd has a spazz attack) stashed it there for "later"!! too silly!

19 October 2010

tail on tuesday!!

our very own edmund p. hillary

18 October 2010

mancat ---- all mancat

this is me, nitro, in my mancatliest mancat-cheesecake pose.
whattaya think, girlcats?

15 October 2010

the ed-itor in chief

ed instructs mom as she helps wif a new post. he dictates an' she types, an' makes sure that she's spellin' effurythin' right! that's furry aportant, you know--if yer gonna maintain crebidility as a germalist, you gots to spell right!

14 October 2010

thankful thursday

although we dis her a lot, cocoa is really a pretty good sisfur as doggies go. she don't chase us (much), she don't hurt us when she does catch us, she shares sleepin' places, she lets igmu cuddle up to her, she don't bark a whole lot, an' she plays pretty gentle for someone who weighs 6 or 7 times as much as we do! an' she's pretty laid back as this picture shows. we're furry thankful she's our dbd instead of one of those yappy little aliens down the block!

13 October 2010

play wif me!!!

rocky: please play with me, nitro! c'mon--wakey-uppie! cocoa is sleepin', too, an' none of the other guys wanna play with me . . . c'mon, nitro!! please????? i'm askin' nice an' pettin' yer paw gently . . . i could be ticklin' yer whiskers or pullin' yer ears. c'mon!!!

nitro: ::opens one eye a teensy bit:: i'm gonna send you to ichiro or nicky fuzzypants if you don't quit buggin' me. THEN you'll find out what it's like to be played wif. now go 'way an' lemme sleep. ::the eye slams shut::

rocky: *sigh* won't anybody make me fly through the air like my namesake? chase me an' chew me an' slather me with malodorous spit???

mom & dad: ewwwwww. no takers here, buddy. you may as well take a nap, too.

NB: we must correct the impression that this post identifies catspit as "malodorous". not so; rocky is the dbd's pal, and therefore is accustomed to being slimed with execrable slobbers of the canine kind. he thinks that ALL spit is the same, because the meowers have nefurnefurnefur put their pristine widdle moufs on him. he was just desperate to have someone to play with.

12 October 2010

tufty toezies!

My Mama refers to the hairs in my toezies as "xing's ice skates". i dunno why; she KNOWS i nefur put my dainty paws in ice or snow!!

11 October 2010

holed up!

igmu! you better be careful--i don't think nitro's lasers are set on stun!!

08 October 2010

i know NUTHING!!!

honest, mom!! i dunno nuthin' 'bout nocat knockin' ofur the pile of stuff onna footstool!! i'm lookin' an' lookin' an' i don't see no villaincats nowhere!!!!

07 October 2010

3-cat night

it was furry cold last night--a 3-cat night!
well, ok; one of them was the dbd's nasty-lookin' squirrel (rocky), but nitro & ed like him better than iggy, acause rocky don't bite their ears or shove 'em over to hog the best spots on dad's lap!!

05 October 2010


edmund's patient toezies, as they wait to pounce on a crumb of peanut butter sammich! he is polite an' doesn't grab for the sammich, so he gets more than the other, pushier, cats. which is just wrong; initiative should be rewarded!!!!

04 October 2010

30 September 2010


we is furry thankful that we din't go to toosahn wif our mom when she went to visit gramma. although we'd like to see gramma, if there is ratties there big enuf to need this trap, we doesn't wanna be there!

29 September 2010

shopping list

what do you suppose will be on ed's list??

28 September 2010

brofurly love . . .

errrrrr . . . licks
akshully, it was a taste-test. there was fightin' an' bitin' goin' on after about 10 seconds of this, an' the red plastic bowl of apples to iggy's left went flyin' offa the table. mom kin be furry cranky befur she's had her coffee!